An introduction to Sally’s World.

For those who know me already I am the ‘hard as nails’ Crossfit London coach with a rep to match. For all the moans and groans during my classes I do however get plenty of cheery thanks after a short recovery and swift exit from the gym dripped in sweat.

My trademark I guess you could call it, is no guts, no glory, good old fashioned hard work. I expect a lot from my faithful crew but in turn I give back ten fold and relish inventing a new devilish WOD or twisting a pre-existing toughie into a more sinister sibling.

Times are changing and as a new chapter starts for me so the need for a new vamped website, where I can whittle on about all things great and good.

What new chapter I hear you ask??????


Motherhood and Crossfit are not essentially two words you would instantly put together. But think about it for a moment…….The changes to a women’s body at this precious time in her life, are they not the epitome of Crossfit and require the same consideration to fitness that you normally would? Did you know there is a Crossfit Mom site?

Ok so maybe you would need to scale down and modify but for anyone who can’t see that the act of giving birth will require more stamina then even the toughest Games event is mad and really needs to have a heart to heart with their mother.

I am at the end of my first trimester and over the next 6 months I will blog/report/investigate and document just how incredible a women’s body is and why Crossfit can play a great part in keeping me and my bump in the best possible shape.

This is a time to celebrate the wonder of health and wellbeing and I intend on sharing my passions with the world.

I invite anyone out there who has any questions or comments to contact me at

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