WOD 24th Febuary First Day Back!

I didn’t intend to throw myself in at such a deep end but since only Sam rocked up to my thursday night Crossfitlondon 5.30 class, I couldn’t let him go through it alone. I had always planned to start with Steven on the Fri morning session…but here goes nothing.

Knowing that I had to scale accordingly the parameters were slightly different to Sam, though after my long break and with baby on broad it still felt the way a good crossfit WOD should!

This is the original plan………

3 minute Double under practise followed by

10 minute military ketttlebell snatch test (Sam used 16kg while I stuck with 8kg)

Giving a short interlude of recovery while setting up over stations -pull ups and push ups, we then had the main WOD to smash.

What I had done was take a main site WOD Severin and mash it up!

10 pull ups

20 push ups

Block Run (450m)

During the WOD I needed to ensure that the intensity was bare-able, and as it was my first session back I sub-ed the block runs for alley runs until Sam had completed his block. This meant I could keep a nice steady pace instead of charging round to keep up with Sam. Whilst Pregnant we don’t need to be looking for Pb’s we just want to stay fit.

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