BLOG 16th March No feeling up to much….

With a wedding in less then a week my concentration has been far away from training.

I think when other brides are worried about fitting into their dress, eating as little as possible while trying to deal with the stress of cakes, venues, guest lists and all that other stuff. As I arrange my big day I can at least tuck into to a wholesome lunch, else I don’t know where I would have got the energy from.

I haven’t been completely lazy, I have walked the length of Westfield and the West-end 10 times over. I have walked up escalators and stairs and stood up on busy tubes . Phew!

Although I am a Crossfit Mum and love my training I am not going to beat myself up for taking a few days out (esp days like I have had!)

I would love to think I would do all that running around and still find energy to train, but the fact of it is that I simple don’t!

Right now my body is too concerned with making a little person.

Equally I am not going to worry about my changing body shape….

My body has of course changed over the weeks and I have of-course gained weight. My trousers are getting tighter and I feel I am looking more curvy.

It’s not all down to baby weight or fat gain.

My body is retaining more water, my breast have grown, my uterus is swollen and my blood volume among other things has increased by up to 50%.

Pregnancy is the one time in our life that for even the hardest fitness fanatic to take a more relaxed approach toward fitness – the schedule, diet, intensity and so on.

So if your a 5 times a week trainer reading this thinking you could never relax your schedule for long enough to have a baby…well I was you a few months ago.

Its not something I would have thought I would find so easy but as you learn about your pregnancy, see feel your body change and see your baby in a scan, you may think differently.

Don’t think I have gone soft……far from it I wont stop training just ensuring I keep me and my baby safe and well. You can catch me tomorrow morning with Chris at his 8am class -Crossfit London

(For more detail on bodily changes check out the Pregnancy Facts page)

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.

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