BLOG 2nd March Big Dreamer!

While pregnant you can expect your sleep to be broken. It is in all the books! Me personally I have been waking up almost hourly!

Almost driving me crackers, arriving to teach early morning classes with a collection a bags under my eyes.

At least now I can be quite open with why I am so tired. Before I am sure members thought I was out all hours having a whale of a time!!

This is apparently how our body prepares for the baby. Teaching us to sleep lightly for the frequent night feeds and any other reason our expected cherub might need us for! This is one side affect of the pregnancy I wish Adrian was getting a dose of too! I listen with jealousy as he snoozes away next to me.

On the up side though, and this is something they don’t tell you in the books. My dreams when I do sleep vary for the funny, crazy to the down right weird! Adrian looks forward to the next bizarre instalment. And last night was no different. I actually dreamt I was living in a video game!!!Full of monsters to kill and big boss men and levels and all sorts.

As far as crazy goes this was one of my personal bests!

Not all of the dreams have been friendly. And some of them,  upon reflection are clearly my sub-conscious sorting through all the worries and wonders I may have.

We have so many things to think about that it is no surprise we struggle to sleep and dream like a mad-man.

There are just not enough hours in the day to prepare for what is ahead.

If anyone can do better then me on the video game dream please leave your comments.  It would be nice to see I am not the only one out there!

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