BLOG What has happened to my Diet!!!!!

Hands up how many of us have followed a reasonable diet? Either a specific diet like palio or zone.

Myself I don’t get along with diets but have always had what you would probably describe as a healthy diet. I eat a little of everything I like. Pasta, potatoes, grain all in moderation, even chocolate. I would though class it as more protein heavy. I just love meats and could never see myself as a veggie.

Thing is since falling pregnant I have had to ditch any control I previously had over my eating habits and follow my tummy.

I have found myself devouring thickly cut bread made into cheese and ham sandwiches with crisps on the side and maybe a biscuit or square of dark chocolate.

Brunch on Saturday consisted of crispy bacon, 1 toast, baked beans, egg and to finish off with after that had settled, an almond croissant, yum yum.

After spending time worrying and trying to fight the urges to eat anything I fancied I finally made peace.

Something so special is happening inside me that how can I deny myself.

It is only for another 6 months so what the heck!

I have spoken to Phil Rolling at Crossfit London about diet needs as he is the expert  in all things food. Watch out for the Dietary needs article coming soon.


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