WOD 17th March Chris’s Disco Fever Class

I love going to Chris’s class because as someone who enjoyed a good club night pre-pregnancy, with Chris’s choice of music it’s always club night. Whoop!

That’s no to say we don’t work hard.

We started the session with some mobility exercises.

-Stiff leg bends

-Bear squats

-Hip circles

-Leg swings

I was mindful on the leg swings to not lose control and maintain lumbar curve.

We did a bit of glute activation.

-Bridges (shortly this wont be possible for me as the baby grows and presses on my inferior vena cava  cutting off blood supply)

-Bird Dogs (if I begin to suffer from Carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists this might not be possible)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is where pressure is exerted on the nerve running through the wrist to the hand it can cause discomfort, swelling and water retention.

The main workout today was strength.

Today was deadlifting!

We did a warm up set with the bar and then built up with 2 more warm up sets to a 5 rep weight. I am not going to call any of the weights I use ‘rep max’ as they are not any more. I have altered and scaled everything in accordance with the guidelines.

After our warm ups we smashed out 3 sets of 5 and one set rep-ing out.

Job done.

Chris then had us move on to Chin ups.

I have to admit that I have found these getting extremely hard. Although you can bearly tell I am pregnant I have already gained 4kg!

I must add not all baby weight but also to do with the changes in water level and blood volume along with some extra cushion.

Pre-pregnancy I could do a few chin ups and strict pull ups but now with my ‘weighted jacket’ on I am struggling to do one!

This meant that Chris had to spot me through all 3 sets of 5, helping me reach the bar each time. But hey when the baby is born in theory I should be flying off the floor!

Chris had a finisher up his sleeve……

6 Turkish Get ups (3 each side)

Weighted sit ups ( I can still do sit ups for at least the next few weeks)

This is done with a partner, you switch and complete a round each!

Me and Phedra beat Chris and Pete. Girls Rule of course!

Thanks Chris again for your time and special attention.

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.

3 thoughts on “WOD 17th March Chris’s Disco Fever Class”

  1. I wonder what difference blood pressure has on exercise and breathlessness? At 13 weeks pregnant my blood pressure has dropped to 96/61 (normal for pregnancy) which makes me feel dizzy and faint at times. It is always this stage that you really need that seat on the tube, but noone actually knows that you are pregnant and you feel a bit of a div asking for a seat!

  2. Hey Sophie,
    Your BP has dropped as the blood vessels dilate. This ensures our BP doesn’t go dangerously high. It does mean we get dizzy and can feel faint, this is a natural reaction and as long as we are aware of this we can manage it.
    Contact TFL or ask at one of the information/ticket desks for a badge saying Baby on Board! I have found it very affective! Another reason we need a seat is the rise in Relaxin and the sometime unsteadiness of tube journeys.
    In regards to BP the mid-wive does monitor this regularly to detect early any signs of pre-eclampsia. Think I feel an blog coming on about pre-eclampsia!

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