WOD 18th March 3km and a few Back Squats

With only 3 full days till my wedding my mind kept straying to dresses and cakes!

In my usual early morning class the boys were out-numbered so between sets while ‘resting’ us girls had a catch up on plans for our respective ‘big days’ boring Chris and Martin with the details. They at least both learnt that a white suit on a groom is a big ‘no no’.

So as per I joined in with the back squats.

We did 3 warm up sets. Bar, +weight, +weight.

It was then 2 sets of 5 and one set on 5+.

I placed one of our big wall ball balls as I squatted. This gave me a guide and a bit more security. I would not normally use this but today my squats weren’t feeling particularly stable, even if this was just a mind set, it helped me get through each set with confidence. And allowed me to ensure technique was spot on.

Next up was my usual treadmill jog. I am getting a bit of da ja vu!  Maybe I will have to change around my routine for next wk.

Anyways, a preoccupied mind meant I only got 3km on the clock before having to rush off to make hair appointments and pick up the last finishing touches for Monday.

So what do I have on my list to do for next week?????

Run some awesome classes at Crossfit London

Write some blogs

Get an article up about pregnancy and AB’s

Oh and………….Get Married.

Wish me luck gang!

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.

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