WOD 1st March ‘Angie’ with Phil

Feeling a bit lacking in motivation I sent a text to my pal and fellow Crossfit London coach Phil Rolling. Letting him know I would be coming down for his 6.30 class so he could prepare any scaled exercises for me.

His plan was for Angie – Whoop its been a while since I have danced with Angie.

As soon as I arrived all you lovely people finishing the previous class gave me some nice words of congratulations before Phil pulling me up for chatting and being late. He has a rep for being a tyrant. A good one though.

I knew Phil would have researched any restrictions and asked how I felt about the planned WOD and we discussed the 100 sit ups?????   Though I can in fact do sit ups we decided to sub them as it made Phil feel a bit better about watching a pregnant lady bang out 100 sit ups for time. We decided on the GHD machine to perform knee lifts, bit like a roman chair. Only it had been so long since my last Angie I have forgotten the ‘claw effect’ and found my sub was probably way tougher then sit ups!!!!

So for those who aren’t familier with Angie here is how it goes…….

100 pull ups

100 push ups

100 sit ups or sub

100 squats

I did well for my pull ups and squats but after 100 pull ups your grip is laughable and I had cramp in my fingers! Moving from push ups to sub-ed knee lifts, my arms were jelly I could barely hold my body weight. Phil gave me a nudge towards the squats giving my arms a well needed rest.

I completed Angie in just over 30 minutes, I felt awesome, it’s such a good workout and so satisfying when you reach the end – Whoop Whoop

A big thanks to Phil for all his attention and care, don’t tell him I told you but he bark is worse then his bite!

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