WOD 25th March Everyone likes Cleaning in Spring!

Looking back at my check list for this week I have already ticked off getting married. Now to mess up my Friday routine.

Anyone who has been following my workouts has noticed a Friday pattern of strength mixed with a run. I am a big believer that routine should not be fixed and to keep my body constantly guessing.

I decided to pick a particularly mean Kettlebell test. The Houston test to be precise.

This included swings and goblet squats. For anyone confused by goblet squats, it is when the Kb is held in at the body, chest height while performing a squat. Rather nasty alongside swings.

Keeping the test till last I followed the morning strength session at Crossfit London. Its always nicer to do strength with others around you to cheer you on not to mention the safety aspect.

Strength this Friday was Presses, but in the interest of fun Steve thought what the heck why not Clean and Press!

Good Choice in my opinion. Me and the gang really enjoyed the clean practise alongside our presses. Even though the weight was not close to cleaning strength, it was nice to do a few reps with a manageable weight.

I am not sure Steve if you meant only to clean the bar once into the rack but the 7.30 lot went full tilt and cleaned for each rep.

Our sets and reps went as follows….

Warm up – Bar 5 , +weight 5, +weight 5

Working -2×5, 1xrep out.

Lovely Jublie.

So now for the Houston Test.

You start at minute 1 with 1 Swing and 1 Goblet Squat REST

Minute 2 – 2 swings and 2 Goblet Squats

You keep adding till you can’t go any further. It really starts to get fun as you heads towards minute 7 and 8.

I used a 12Kg Kb for this. I would normally use a 16Kg but although I don’t feel much different or look very pregnant I do feel breathless very easily!!!!

This has got to be one of my favourite WODs. The intensity of the met con was spot on. The intensity built up well and although could be quite intense it lasted for nomore then 50-55 seconds at the most.

Strength wise I always love a spot of cleaning!

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.


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