WOD 26th March I still got it!

Squats I love them.

My favourite Squats ……………Over head.

So what did I do today…..

Overhead Squats and Front Squats.

Not many out there could put their hand on their heart and profess love for the above squats but for me I love nothing more then throwing a weight above my head and seeing how deep I can get!

Common problem being shoulder flexibility and being able to hold a weight securely.

My best overhead squat of the day was 45kg and for Front squats 55kg.

These are still under what  have previously lifted. This is why when a doctor says take it easy it'[s hard to know what he means by that???? He may look at those numbers and think ‘whoa that’s too heavy’ but next to previous numbers I feel like I still have more in the tank. In the interest of my baby’s safety though and of my body under new strains I am going to stick with my new more moderate numbers.

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