WOD 28th March Monday Mornings!

With all the excitement in my house over the last few weeks I have been sticking to Steve’s programming from the morning classes for the evening sessions.

But not one to dish out without trying myself I gave it a bash.

I have not been 100% since Saturday with a bit of a cold and sniffle. This wouldn’t normally bother me but since I can’t take anything to help me get over it I am left sniffing and coughing drinking peppermint tea to help.

I think that is why I felt particularly weak today. Well at least I hope that is why!!!

Steve used a push press – push up ladder for a warm up. The push ups were on a barbell for the main class but as I thought on the spot about my stability and protective of joints I kept them on the floor. The ladder went as follows,

Strength was the clean and press from Friday and this is where I felt weak. On Friday I lifted 27.5kg no problem but today 25kg was hard! And I mean I found it really challenging, grunting noises and all.

I don’t have an explanation for this only that it must be the cold I am suffering from.

I did 3×5 as trying to rep out for the last set was going to be impossible without someone helping the weight up.

Skill work up next, L holds on the rings. I started at 5 seconds and built up to 10 seconds and then 15 seconds.

This always burns my quads and I think it always will!

When I reached the tabata Front squats I was regreting the L holds. Quads still burning.

I used 20kg and managed 10 in the first round and 7/8 in the following 7.

For those not familiar with Tabata it is intervals of 8 rounds. You have 20 seconds of effort and 10 seconds of rest each round.

I hope a restful day Tuesday will get me back to form for Wednesday.

More peppermint tea I think.

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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