WOD 29th Febuary Not my Fave!

We all have to do WOD’s we don’t like and today I took my Crossfit London plan for this evening and gave it a test run.

Firstly 8-1-8 Kb swings and burpees.

The problem with burpees is that despite a good sports bra the jump up and clap bit is still uncomfortable, I don’t think I need explain that one further. But since it was on the table I got through them with a  sort of smile.

Next up a drill ladder of Front squats and Push presses. I wanted to get the class working on their hip drive. If they were going to do it then so was I…these were the reps.

10  8  6  4  2 Front Squats

2  4  6  8  10 Push press

The Wod was pretty straight forward and didn’t at first look very menacing but at mid point it was feeling very hard!!! One of the main things I have noticed is that I heat up very quickly and can feel my body reach its limit far quicker, especially with exercises I find challenging.

I used 20kg for this wod and did Amrap of 15 minutes

5 thrusters

7 hang power cleans


Wiped out after all this I went home a nice big lunch!


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