WOD 31st March Chin ups in the morning.

Thursday morning and I was feeling much better and ready to train again.

Stepping into the gym strength on the board was deadlifts and chin ups.

Chin ups are not my favourite at the moment as though the weight gain may only be a few kilos they are making all the difference to my chin up/pull up strength.

I was lucky to bump into Chris just finishing up his morning, he was able to hear me complain about the chin ups and gave me some wicked advise as an alternative to using a band for support.

Taken from the Performance Menu website Chris had read about the use of boxes.

You stack up some boxes to support your feet. Allow for full extension in the hang with feet resting on the box. Using minimal push through your feet pull yourself up to the bar and lower nice and slowly to get a negative effect.

Stack the boxes under the bar.
Stack the boxes under the bar.
Try not to push though the feet!
Try not to push though the feet!

As this becomes easier your progression would be to lower the height of the boxes allowing for more body weight resistance.

I inter-mixed my chin ups with deadlifts.

2×5 reps and 1×5+ for each discipline.


The met con for today was AMRAP 10 minutes:

2 Squat Cleans (40kg)

4 Handstand push ups

8 Burpees

Wow that’s the first time I have done burpees for a bit and they felt terrible!!!

I think they are off the menu till I have the baby.

Not only did they make me feel slightly queasy but I keep hurting my chest as I hit the floor!

I got 6 rounds in!

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