WOD 4th March Squats, presses and running!

I was up nice and early today teaching the 7.30 lot at Crossfit London. A mix of strength and endurance, using a few techniques from Westside Barbells.

As the class was only 4 that I would join in with the squats and presses. The aim was to complete 3 sets

2 strength (10-20%) lighter then usual 5 rep

1 endurance – Rep-ing out

Its been a while since I have done anything vaguely heavy and knowing my safe zone was probably 60-70% of previous weight lifted I loaded the bar with 45kg for my working sets. 2×5.  We also did warm up sets 2×5-bar, 1×5-more weight, 1×3-bit more weigh, 1×2-even more weight.

Though I am more used to lifting a lot more on my back squat maybe it was the break but it felt challenging!

Our final set was to rep out at which I did 14 Whoop. It felt nice to have some weight on broad again.

We did the same drill for a strict press

2 strength set

1 endurance – rep-ing out

Again our warm ups sets were the same as above.

I found back doing what I love…weights awesome. I kept within the guidelines for safe lifting and felt amazing afterwards.

I let the gang crack on with the rest of the WOD with you me…. a chin up ladder. I am still recovering from Angie on tuesday!!!

That probably what I have noticed the most that I take longer to recover. Anyways……

I do like to pace it out on the treadmill (I am not a fan of outdoor running in the cold weather) so I popped into Bodylines and on to the treadmill for 30mins. I have got right into gradient running and have managed to increase my speed and duration to almost 15mins at level 10. Another Whoop I think. I am not the worlds greatest runner but I do find it really relaxing, just what I need as for tomorrow I am heading into Colin’s class and I am sure that will be a tough one!!!


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