WOD 7th March Back Squats and Bunny Hops

Following a weekend spent on the sofa I was well up for a dose of hardwork.

I had intended to join Colin’s Saturday class but after a shocking nights sleep I just couldn’t prize myself away from the sofa! At first I felt guilty for my lardiness but to be fair I am doing a hell of a lot inside my tummy. Rest days are so important these days. With muscles taking longer to recover I am not following a 3 on 1 off routine. It’s more like 2 on 1 off, I am find that far more manageable!!!

So what did I get up to I hear you say. Sticking with maintaining a good squatting routine across the coming wks it was back squats again.

Warm up with the bar 2×5

1×5 with some weight

1×3 more weight

1×2 more weight

Now for the working sets 2×5 working on strength (10-20%) and 1×5+ working on endurance.

Next up a lovely met con testing my fitness and cardio levels to the max. 3 fast paced movements with 4 rounds to get my teeth in to.

50 sit ups to start with

4 rounds of

12 pull ups, 24 barbell hops, 12 SDHP

50 sit ups to finish

I got there in 13 minutes Whoop.

The safeness of barbell hops in this WOD is dependant on a few things…

I am very comfortable jumping, I love a good jump.

The height is significantly lower then box jumps (I have stopped box jumping)

I at present have no bump to show and so far have had no effect on my centre of gravity.

I would consider a sub if any of the above were an issue. What would I sub as? Something that would keep my heart rate high is the key.

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