WOD 8th March Chris’s Crazy Class

So this morning I rocked up to Chris’s 8am class feeling some what tired. I just had to keep telling myself it was only an hour of hard work!

I had already pre-warned Chris of my arrival in case any subs were needed but to my delight I could do exactly what the rest of the motley crew were doing! Whoop.

Chris got us started on some all important mobility exercises. I made sure I stayed within my range of movement, all to aware that relaxin was making my joints super flexible. I didn’t want to go tearing anything!

After about 10 minutes of this we set up racks, most having to share but with Chris and his wanting to keep an eagle eye on me I got one all to myself, thanks Chris.

We were working on shoulder press strength 2×5 then one final set rep-ing out.

Of course we did progressive warm up sets and gave ourself 3mins rest in between our working sets.

That gave us the perfect opportunity while resting to bang out a few chin ups for good measure.

The met con for today was awesome!

5 rounds of:

15 Front Squats and either 400m run or row.

I love front squats in the morning!
I love front squats in the morning!

I choose a row. And kept my squat weight reasonable but not heavy.

I smashed it in 15mins 23sec, not bad for someone pregnant.

Thanks loads Chris, you gave me loads of attention and encouragement.

Sally Dixey a Crossfit London Coach

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