WOD 9th March 3 days on!

This is the first time since coming back to exercise that I have the juice to do 3 days on! Whoop Whoop. It must mean that my energy levels are beginning to return.

Its a Wednesday morning and I am teaching at Crossfit London. It was only Ameilia this morning so not wanting to let her suffer alone I asked her if she was up for me joining in. ‘No problem’ was her answer.

So following Steve’s program for the morning we did a quick warm up on the bars. Practising the new standard of toes to bars and discussing how our wedding plans were going in between movements.

Steve had scheduled deadlifts for the strength portion of the session. I haven’t done these for a while so my plan as usual was to take it easy and keep the weight manageable.

My pb for a max deadlift was 120kg. I have only done this once but still very proud of myself. So for my warm up sets I started with just the bar for 1×5 @ 20kg then 1×5 @ 40kg and 1×5 @ 50kg. On to the working sets. 1 decided that after my training break and adjusting the weight to my pregnancy 60kg was decent enough. And sure enough it was plenty.  I did 2×5 and 1×5+.

As I wanted to practise my Thursday plan I twisted Ameilia’s arm into trying it out with me. ‘Yes’ she said  ‘Wicked’ I said.

Here’s the plan

3 rounds of

50 pull ups

21 deadlifts

I used 45kg and Ameilia used 50kg

We hated the pull ups and then when in most WODs there is some component that you are going to enjoy, there was no letting up as the deadlifts were equally as horrible.

When a WOD like this comes up I tell myself it’s good for the soul.

Sally Dixey a Crossfit London coach.



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