WOD and Wedding 19th-23rd

The title can seem mis-leading, I didn’t train the day of my wedding. I am not that crazy. But I did train with Colin and the gang on the Saturday before 19th March.

This is what we got up to:

Back to basics was the word of the day. We took it back to cleans and some of the technical points to avoid curling the bar.

At our gym the walls have indentations which are just big enough to fit a pvc bar. Colin did this great teaching point using these indentations.  It highlighted perfectly that in the clean its you the athlete that moves around the bar and not the bar moving toward you as in a curl. Wicked teaching point Colin.

Once we had polished our cleans, we begun to add weight in preparation for the WOD.

The WOD I hear you ask was

6 Cleans,

10 Push ups

Amrap 15 mins

I smashed 12 rounds out using 35Kg for my clean. This was a WOD I enjoyed. With oly lifts being my forte it was only the push ups that are out of my comfort zone.

Colin finished with an after party of lunges. For the gang they did their lunges walking up and down the alley while I did mine static. The reason for this was to ensure I kept my hips safe and square.


SO what did I do after that…………

Getting married has meant a lot of planning and running around and cleaning and all sorts. So I took the liberty of taking a few days off. But far from doing nothing I spent time running over London with relatives showing them the sights, window shopping oooh and on Monday I became Mrs Buliga. We have a lovely day, even the sun found time to come out!

My biggest worry was my bump would be too big for the dress but as it goes it was a perfect fit. Watch this space for the photos.

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