WOD/BLOG 11th March Bags of energy!

I love Friday’s. Its the end of the week. It means a lie in tomorrow and is now becoming a tradition on mine in recent weeks to have a fry up healthy style.

But before we get to Saturday we have Friday’s training to contend with!!!

Its now becoming a pattern for me to take Friday as a chill-axed day where I focus on some strength either squats or presses and then lose myself on the treadmill in preparation for my 10k run in July. Today was no different.

It was only Pete in attendance at my 7.30 blitz at Crossfit London, I dont like my athletes having to train solo if they don’t want to so I joined in with the strength sets.

We were working on Presses. Pete is a newbie to Crossfit and asked why he had done so much heavy squatting and presses??? Always falling on similar days??? Well Pete I said..if we did them only once a month we wouldn’t see much of an improvement to our strength hence repeat visits to bombard the muscular system with messages to get stronger!!!

With his questions answered we proceeded with…

2×5 just the bar, these were just warm ups.

1×5 @ 25kg

1×5 @ 27.5kg This was my limit. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do more then 5 @ this weight.

1×5+ @ 25kg

It always feels good to lift a bit of weight. Especially over head. I wont be able to do sit ups very soon but least doing some good old fashioned overhead work will keep my mid-line stability on point and some kind of core strength.

I finished off with my usual 5km at Bodylines on Bethnal Green Rd.

I am increasing my up hill gradient time from 10mins to 10mins+. I find this a personal challenge so anything I can do over is awesome. Next wk I will go for 15mins up hill.

Hopefully soon I will be up for a spot of running in Victoria Park now the weather is at last turning! Whoop Whoop. Bring on the summer.

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.


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