WOD 27th April Made up on the spot!

Usually I have Steve guiding me through the programming for the morning classes but today he had a lie in so instead of doing the Open. I had no mobile phone to connect to the internet to check the official WOD so knowing a few of the moves included I had to make someting up on the spot.

It weren’t too bad either.

We started with strength as per. I knew it had to be deadlifts as squats were monday and press was tuesday.

So we worked on our warm up sets with the bar and adding a bit of weight. Around 3 warm up sets of 5.

Then the working sets,  2×5. I have found this on past days frustrating that I can’t really up my weights but today still using the same weight as before it felt mildly harder!

I gotta say now the baby is getting bigger and moving around move strength is not my favourite part of the day. I can see myself steadily dropping the weight in future months!

Anyways on to the WOD….my made up WOD.

3 Rounds of

12 Power Cleans

15 Dumbell Thrusters

18 Pull Ups

I always find DB thrusters hard. I much prefer barbell thrusters…but hey you can’t always do what you like.

I split my Pull ups in to 8’s and 5’s using a blue band and the coupling it with a red band.

I nailed it in 14 minutes 40 seconds.

I am sure I am clawing back my pull ups strength Whoop Whoop!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


Just in case you didn’t know when you are pregnant I recommend you apply for your medical exemption certificate even if you don’t think you will need it.

I didn’t and after my blood tests I was given a prescription for vitamins I was lacking.

I knew I shouldn’t have to pay for them but when I went into the pharmacy they wanted my medical exemption certificate, which I didn’t have.

So I popped into the doctors surgery to claim my certioficate only to find out it would take some time to come through and that I could take my maternity note to the pharmacist as proof.

Off I went with my notes to Boots. As I presented them to the pharmacist he said that they would be no good.

‘You gotta be kidding me’ I said. ‘Clearly I am pregnant and exempt, what more proof do you need?’

Anyway after talking to the manager they finally gave me the prescription but warned me as no proof had been seen they may investigate my case!

Be my guest I thought since I knew I was entitled to my free prescription!

What a drama over nothing! So save yourself the effort and get your card sorted.

Last thought of the day…..make the most of the freebies and book a visit to your dentist.

As a pregnant lady you are entitled to free dental care!

Life doesn’t get any better!!!!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 25th April Squat for your eggs.

After a busy weekend in Cambridge visiting relatives I was well up for a sofa day.

I had a lie in Whoop no 7.30am class and then settled to watch rubbish movies while drifting in and out of sleep. Perfect.

Only come 5pm I had to peel myself off the sofa to get down to the gym for evening classes!

I had a few at 5.30 and then none at 6.30 and a few at 7.30.

Since I had been so lazy all day…and yep I had scoffed some chocolate eggs I thought I better join in with the crew.

I had decided for today to program a whole strength day. I had to stick to the squats as it was part of the main programming but as for the format I played around with that.

We still worked up with 3 warm up sets of 5 but our output was working toward working sets of 90%.

As we were working close to the mark we needed a full 3 minute min rest between sets and defiantly a spotter!

Thanks lads for the spot and encouragement!

Keeping with the strength theme next up was push jerks.

Warm up sets with the bar to make sure my technique was cool then 2 sets adding some weight before working on2x4 working sets at  90%.

Since the jerk has come up in WOD’s recently it made sense to practise some heavy jerks. Besides it always clicks more with heavy weight.

I finished strength by doing 2×4 push press. No need to warm up just needed to adjust the weight accordingly.

Thanks again lads for letting me join in with you at 5.30. It defiantly helps to have someone there to push you during a strength session.

What to do now….. I had an hour to kill between classes……………..

How about a go at Fran!

It’s been a while since I last did Fran. I loaded the bar with 25Kg  and used a green band for support. I can manage about 8 pull ups with a green band which is about right.

Because it’s been a while and because conditions have changed I just wanted to see what I could do.

I didn’t do as badly as I thought I would.

A lighter band I think next time…..I finished in 7minutes 13seconds.

Training Sophie @ 17 weeks Session 1

Sophie is an old member @ Crossfit London. She has had quite a gap, approx 5 months since her last WOD.

She is currently 17 weeks pregnant with her second baby.

Before pregnancy she use to run and did Crossfit. In her first pregnancy she didn’t Crossfit but spurred on by me to give it a go she rocked up this morning as I beat myself up at fight gone bad.

As it was a while since her Crossfit days I wanted to re-cap some of the moves and see what she remembered.

We covered :

Squats, Press and Push Press, Deadlifts and Pull ups.

I told Sophie what trouble I have had with my pull ups and how I was determined to get them back. I showed her some of the ways I was scaling them to improve my strength.

One thing she did raise was press ups.

She has experienced pain in her wrists.

This is probably due to carpal tunnel. Its when swelling from water retention effects the nerves and causes pain when weight is exerted through the wrist.

She also wondered about doing ‘lots of push ups’ at home.

If you think about how the body changes and the weight increase on the chest. The idea of doing lots of press ups while ignoring the back is counter-productive. You will only exacerbate the chest muscles and create even more rounding of the shoulders,altering your posture further.

Anyways …….Sophie got on really well with the moves so well in fact I thought it was only fair to give her a small workout.

A scaled fight gone bad style workout.

Here is how it went:

Wall Ball

Step Up

Push Press


Kb Deadlift

Sophie worked for 45 seconds and then had a 15 second rest while she moved to the next station.

This was just the right pace for her considering her break from exercise and her pregnancy.

By the end of 2 rounds it was clearly a challenge for her.

She did really well, beating her first round score in the second.

Well Done Sophie. Whoop Whoop.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 22 April Good Friday

Wanting to earn my egg this year. And up for a tough one since I was taking the WHOLE weekend off!

I decided FIGHT GONE BAD was on the cards.

If you have never seen or done fight gone bad please check out the above link.

I actually converted my pounds into kilos wrong!  Not good!

But still it was a good workout!

Secondly the rower (concept two) had run out of battery meaning I had to use the old water filled rower and rather then calories I could only calculate my distance. Doh!

After a mobility warm up, I set everything out, had a gulp of water and got myself in position.

Wall ball

Sumo-deadlift-highpull (20Kg should be 25Kg)

Push press (20Kg should be 25Kg)

Box Jump (sub-ed to step ups)

Row (should count calories if the rower is working properly)

For all apart from the Row you count the reps.

You spend a minute on each exercise, at the end you rest for 1 minute and the repeat 3x.

At the end you total up your scores to give you a grand total.

This WOD is quite strategic. You need to manage your time well and if you are poor at a certain move but strong at others it’s a good idea to do what you can of the harder ones and move on in time to allow the max time on your stronger moves. The clock runs continuously meaning transition between stations needs to be smooth.

By half way I was hating the sumo-deadlifts and Push press. I felt a little light headed, I think due to moving quickly from station to station. I had a partner with me to count my reps and monitor how I was doing so I wasn’t worried. If I felt I needed to I would have stopped.

It’s very satisfying to reach the end of this wod. It gives a great sense of achievement.

Why not give it a go, Check out my next post to see how I scaled this down for Sophie @ 17 weeks pregnant.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.


WOD 21 April Swinging around the block!

Testing out the WOD’s before I hand them out is a ritual of mine that I usually enjoy but today my enthusiasm was faltering. I was at home looking a the sunshine trying to think of a good excuse………..of course there was none!

I rocked up to the gym as the 8am class were finishing up. Watching all those guys working their butts off was the pick me up I needed!

I was focused again.

Following the strength program today was pressing.

The thing with pressing is that even at the best of times progress is very slow!

I am sticking to the weight I have been using for the last few weeks in the view to building my stability and form before even thinking about moving up in weight. Form and stability is so important at this time.

Warm up sets = Bar, add weight, add weight (each of 5 reps)

Working sets 2×5, 1×5+

The met con for today is 5 rounds of

50 Swings

450 Run

I used a 12Kg bell and the run was more like a jog.

Now Crossfit London has moved to Malcom Place, we have the park to jog around. It makes such a difference.

I am not really cuffed at how long this took me to complete. My only defence is that jogging/running is not my strong point!

I got this all done and dusted in 22 minutes.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.

BLOG 20th April Getting your notes straight!

I am getting comfortably through my second trimester and relishing my new found energy after a groggy first 3 months!

I am making the most of it as I am reliably informed that come the third trimester it will be back to tired, tired, tired!

It is dawning on me that there is not to long ago till my baby is due with still so much left to prepare for.

Our to do list is growing daily!

At least one thing sorted………..I have decided where to have my baby, which I think is a really important thing for a mother to be comfortable about.

I have chosen  The London. It’s a hospital steeped in history, at the heart of east London.

They have a wonderful birthing unit on the Isle of Dogs called the Barkantine.

The facilities are amazing, it’s all brand new and shiny.

I have to say I asked a lot of questions before I finally decided and spoke in depth at my first mid-wife appointment.

She probably thought I was interviewing her….

How long has she worked here?

Would she have her daughter give birth here?       …………………and so on.

I can’t imagine anything less worrying with all the reports of poor performance. Getting the right hospital is crucial!

I needn’t have worried. My mid-wife put me completely at ease.

So now I have had my 12 week scan, two mid-wife appointments, chosen my place of birth and started decorating the baby’s room!

My 12 Week Scan
My 12 Week Scan

Still got a long way to go but am looking forward to the next scan due in a couple of weeks, to see how much my baby has grown.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


WOD 20th April Open Day!

This was the day I was not looking forward to!

Anyone who has been following the open wod’s will know that this week is a monster.

This was an AMRAP of 10 minutes, looking at the leader board online and you could see clearly that not many rounds would be achieved.

I wasn’t even planning to follow any strength! Save all the energy for the WOD.

I did a simple warm up of pvc overhead squats and wall squats before looking at the wod and wondering what weight to use???

So I bet your wondering what all the fuss is over……….

It’s an AMRAP 10 minutes

60 Burpees jumping over a bar each time.

30 Overhead Squats (40/50Kg)

10 Muscles Ups

Lets take a look at the scaling…………..

The Burpees were going to be a problem, I am not comfortable jumping any more.

My substitute was a press up (I can still get my chest to the floor) and a step up on a box the height of a barbell.

I could maybe do one or two overhead squats at 40Kg but that would be so close to my rep max I decided to stick with 25Kg.

The Burpees were ok till about rep 30-35.

The Overhead Squats were monstrous on the wrists!

I managed to get through the burpees and overhead squats when the clock hit 10 minutes.

I felt dead cuffed to get that far. It was a strangely enjoyable but tough one!


I finished up the session with a bit of muscle up practise of course after catching my breath!

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.

WOD 18th April Strength all the way.

After all the excitement of last weeks training session today I wanted to focus on a few areas I hadn’t touch.

To keep up with the strength program I was following I had  to keep my Strict Press in there.

To warm up before hand I took a bar and went through the motions of a clean & jerk. I did 20 reps in total.

This gave a nice warming effect, got me prepared for heavier cleaning.

I then went on to add some weight to the bar. After last weeks open WOD I had a target in mind.

I pushed through 3 sets of 3.

Next up I wanted to get the pressing out of the way.

Already warmed up I started on 2 sets of progressive weight before jumping to my working weight.

Working sets were as usual 2×5 1×5+

The racks were already out ready for front squats.

It’s been a while since I last front squatted. I couldn’t even recall the weight used????

I knew it would probably be in or around my back squat weight.

I warmed up with 2×3 sets progressing the weight and then finished off with 3 working sets of 3.

With a little energy left in the tank I worked on my snatch drills!!!