BLOG 18th April Surrendering your body

This is something that has been on my mind to blog about for a while.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when my husband Adrian wanted to take me out on Sunday afternoon.

It was the week that the weather warmed up. So instead of being able to hide under layers of clothing something summery had to be found??????

Problem was that since my summer clothes were out last my body shape had changed!

Everything seems to have got bigger! Nothing fitted!

I wouldn’t mind if I looked like a real pregnant women with a big bump but at the moment I just look like a big form of my previous self.

Not that I look terrible but simply I am bigger then I am used to so finding an outfit is becoming more of a problem.

Cue the strop and tears!

Poor Adrian, to him I will always look beautiful even at 9 months when I can’t see my feet.

He can’t understand why it bothers a women to gain weight.

He calls me his ‘sexy dolphin’ in response to my calls that I look like a whale in my out grown clothes.

So anyway how did I over come this!!!!

Well I did what most women would do and went shopping!

I braved Primark on Oxford Street.

Knowing that the clothes would be affordable as I didn’t want to waste money on a wardrobe of clothes that I hopefully would only need while pregnant.

I discovered two things.

1. Primark is a nightmare to shop in. My tip is to buy what you like then try them in the comfort of your home as the queue for the changing rooms never drops below enormous!

2. There was nothing wrong with my body shape it was simply that my pre pregnancy wardrobe contained the most least forgiving outfits ever!

I needed to shop for my new found womanly curves, bigger breasts, bigger hips, bigger bum…don’t go confusing bigger with fat because that’s not what I am saying.

Being pregnant your body shape makes changes to enable you to carry the extra weight of the pregnancy and for more functional things like feeding your baby and making delivery more bearably.

We need to embrace these changes and where needed go shopping!!!!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


3 thoughts on “BLOG 18th April Surrendering your body”

  1. Try online shopping – it is a saviour! Verbaudet, Next and ASOS online and H&M regent st. are all very good and reasonable price. Although at first you will just need bigger sizes, your bump will emerge sooner or later, so if you do get some empire line tops and maternity trousers you can use them both now and later. You can probably squeeze into your old trousers but it is nice to be comfortable!

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