BLOG 20th April Getting your notes straight!

I am getting comfortably through my second trimester and relishing my new found energy after a groggy first 3 months!

I am making the most of it as I am reliably informed that come the third trimester it will be back to tired, tired, tired!

It is dawning on me that there is not to long ago till my baby is due with still so much left to prepare for.

Our to do list is growing daily!

At least one thing sorted………..I have decided where to have my baby, which I think is a really important thing for a mother to be comfortable about.

I have chosen  The London. It’s a hospital steeped in history, at the heart of east London.

They have a wonderful birthing unit on the Isle of Dogs called the Barkantine.

The facilities are amazing, it’s all brand new and shiny.

I have to say I asked a lot of questions before I finally decided and spoke in depth at my first mid-wife appointment.

She probably thought I was interviewing her….

How long has she worked here?

Would she have her daughter give birth here?       …………………and so on.

I can’t imagine anything less worrying with all the reports of poor performance. Getting the right hospital is crucial!

I needn’t have worried. My mid-wife put me completely at ease.

So now I have had my 12 week scan, two mid-wife appointments, chosen my place of birth and started decorating the baby’s room!

My 12 Week Scan
My 12 Week Scan

Still got a long way to go but am looking forward to the next scan due in a couple of weeks, to see how much my baby has grown.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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