BLOG 18th April Surrendering your body

This is something that has been on my mind to blog about for a while.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when my husband Adrian wanted to take me out on Sunday afternoon.

It was the week that the weather warmed up. So instead of being able to hide under layers of clothing something summery had to be found??????

Problem was that since my summer clothes were out last my body shape had changed!

Everything seems to have got bigger! Nothing fitted!

I wouldn’t mind if I looked like a real pregnant women with a big bump but at the moment I just look like a big form of my previous self.

Not that I look terrible but simply I am bigger then I am used to so finding an outfit is becoming more of a problem.

Cue the strop and tears!

Poor Adrian, to him I will always look beautiful even at 9 months when I can’t see my feet.

He can’t understand why it bothers a women to gain weight.

He calls me his ‘sexy dolphin’ in response to my calls that I look like a whale in my out grown clothes.

So anyway how did I over come this!!!!

Well I did what most women would do and went shopping!

I braved Primark on Oxford Street.

Knowing that the clothes would be affordable as I didn’t want to waste money on a wardrobe of clothes that I hopefully would only need while pregnant.

I discovered two things.

1. Primark is a nightmare to shop in. My tip is to buy what you like then try them in the comfort of your home as the queue for the changing rooms never drops below enormous!

2. There was nothing wrong with my body shape it was simply that my pre pregnancy wardrobe contained the most least forgiving outfits ever!

I needed to shop for my new found womanly curves, bigger breasts, bigger hips, bigger bum…don’t go confusing bigger with fat because that’s not what I am saying.

Being pregnant your body shape makes changes to enable you to carry the extra weight of the pregnancy and for more functional things like feeding your baby and making delivery more bearably.

We need to embrace these changes and where needed go shopping!!!!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


WOD 16th April Fitting in a sneaky one!

Full of beans I decided to pop down to the gym and join in with Colin’s morning class.

Strength was back squats……2×5 and 1×5+ I used my handy dandy ball beneath me to help remind me to reach back each time.

My weight hasn’t really gone up I keep teetering up and down as I have days when I feel tough and weak days. I am not pressurizing myself to keep hitting higher lifts!

The met con looked daunting! It had been a while since I had hit thrusters hard and the thought turned my tummy!

I was determined to try it at the rx’d weight of 30Kg.

I sub-ed the box jumps as usual with step ups.

So here is how it went….

Thruster                10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

Step ups/Boxes     1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10

This was rx’d for women at 30 and men 40Kg.

This was a toughie but I actually enjoyed myself and felt really cuffed to get through the WOD.

It took me 7 minutes and after 55 thrusters I am looking forward to when Fran comes up next!!!!

Never thought I would say that!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 15th April CINDY

Since this is my 5th day I a row I took this as a relaxing WOD.

You may think this sounds like a funny way to relax but I love my training sessions and when the baby is here I am sure I wont be able to hit the gym quite as much, so I am making the most of it!!!

With a newbie in the class form was the main focus!

We did some heavy swings and burpees to start with as a warm up. As burpees are not my thing right now I did a couple of minutes of just the swings.

My butt was sure hurting after yesterday and boy could I feel it when I swung!!!

Not content with yesterday’s glute battering, deadlifts were on the program for today.

After a set with a light weight I went into my usual 2×5 and 1×5+

Form is still feeling good and at present am not feeling any restrictions with deadlifting and baby.

Cindy is up next

I had a mixed class today at 7.30 so where usually I can join in and be pretty confident that the gang are all good. I needed to be on side to shout the odd technique cue and alter a few positions. So I took CINDY very lightly.

Cindy is a crossfit benchmark WOD.

It’s AMRAP 20 minutes of….

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Squats

I used a blue support band and stuck to my strict pulls. I am sure I am making head way as they are feeling more manageable!

I am getting close to having to adjust the depth of my push ups as its mildly uncomfortable. I still have a relatively flat tummy for a 4.5 month pregnant lady but I can feel the change in pressure in my tummy!

I am sure my bump is not far away!

As I was more concerned with the class then my workout (remember I was relaxing) I only reached 8 rounds!

Never mind I will be nice and relaxed for Colin tomorrow.

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.



WOD 14th April 10 Minuute Snatch test

Oh dear pregnancy brain strikes again! I am getting more and more ditsy and forgetful as the months go on!

I even got my travel insurance all twisted up. I will have to give them a call next week to amend the details.

Pregnancy should come with a warning!

“All brain power lost, Memory useless!”

That said I still got the energy to keep training.

I wanted to cold snatch test myself.

If you are unsure what that is, it is quite easy. It’s a kettlebell snatch and 10 minutes to do the most possible. You can alternate arms but you gotta keep going.

I did this a while ago with Sam. I used a 12Kg and reached 200 snatches.

This time around I stuck with the 12Kg again and wanted to reach 200 again but this time I wanted to manage the reps.

I told myself to hit 20 reps per minute. This meant that on average I scored an 8-10 second rest.

Next time I am going to aim for 22-24 each minute and cut the rest.

Now I have a minimum I can reach (200) I want to steadily improve that and see where I can get to and then see what I can do with a 16Kg.

My session today was a bit of everything.

I followed Chris’s strength program of box squats. I do love a box squat.

If you are not sure what this is then let me explain.

Taking a low box or you can stack up some plates.

Your bar is about 50% of your 1 rep max.

You want to reach back into the squat slowly with little/no forward movement form the knee. When you reach the box allow yourself to sit completely on the box and then drive up quickly to standing.

You want to do around 10 sets of 2.

Inbetween the sets with a rest of 1 minute I did a bit of muscle up practise. I used 3 boxes set out 2,1. I had my feet up on one with my hands over the other 2 like a push up. I was trying to improve my depth strength by pushing down to where my chest was below the box line.

I did one each rest.

That was enough for me. As this was a tough one I had to be aware of holding my breath. In my condition the chance of getting light-headed and dizzy is high.

One was more then enough strength wise and safety wise!

I had to test out tonight’s met con.

An AMRAP 12 minutes

5 Power Snatches 25/35Kg

10 Pistols

I did my pistols on a box as multiple reps can make my quads cramp.

i started with my leg out in front but found I twisted through my pelvis way to much.

This is not a good idea with a hyper mobile pelvis so I allowed my leg to hang. I still got full range but this method now meant that my toes touched the floor.

As long as I kept driving up through the leg on the box I was still getting a great workout!

I reached 10 rounds.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.

WOD 13th April Sally does the Open

I think I am going to do this one again, and do it as rx’……………the met con I mean.

I warmed up with some of my Bergnener (lot of snatching tomorrow, need to practise drills)

For strength I worked on shoulder press.

The weight stayed the same as last time 27.5kg. I found it a massive struggle and felt I want to have a few more confident sets at this weight. Next time I will creep up to 30!

After warm ups sets of just the bar and 2 sets adding some weight till reaching 27.5.

Working sets were the usual…..

2×5 and 1×5+

This was still a challenge but felt more sturdy.

I gotta say I wasn’t looking forward to this one but it actually wasn’t as bad as I had made it out to be in my head.

It was 5 minute AMRAP Squat Clean and Jerk (rx 50kg W 75Kg M)

I kept the weight light…40Kg and achieved 16 reps.

The rules of this open were as follows:

Must touch floor each time,

Thrusters are accepted,

Full lock out over head,

Knee below hip in the squat clean.

Each move scores a point each… that makes my total 32! Whoop

I think in hindsight I could have hit this rx.

There is only one way to find out!!!!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.

WOD 12th April New tunes and a Jog

I-Pod loaded with new tunes – Check

Sports bra – Check

Water – Check

Right down I go to Bethnal Green Bodyworks Gym to use the treadmill for a jog.

It’s been a while but with my 10k run looming it was time to hit the treadmill.

Of course I broke up the 30 minutes with intervals of fast walking and hill climbs…….I also needed a loo break!

I am sure this 10k will by fine, I just hope they have toilet facilities!!!!

WOD 11th APRIL Morning Shocker

Yikes this morning was certainly a wake up call!

Instead of my usual strength program I wanted today to focus on my upper body pulls and snatch drills.

I am desperate to reclaim my one strict pull up!

Before pregnancy I had at least one but after a mixture of kipping with bands and added weight from the pregnancy has meant that I have lost any strength I had.

I am not going to give up on it though and am determined to get it back.

My theory is that by pulling up with an ever increasing weighted jacket (the baby) that eventually I will either win back my pull up or at least when I have had the baby and the jacket of weight comes off all the months of weighted pull ups will have paid off!!

Now to practise something I can do!

Snatch Drills.

I followed the Bergener Warm up. Watch this video for a step by step guide to Bergener.

Bergener Warm up

The met con for today was a shocker.

Read it and weep!

AMRAP 5 minutess

Kb Swings 16Kg  & Box Jumps (Sub- Step ups)


AMRAP 5 minutes

Thruster  & SDHP (sumo-deadlift high pull) 20/25Kg


AMRAP 5 minutes

Push press & Burpees (Sub- Press up an a step up) 25Kg


Moving between the disciplines before getting in some kind of flow is a major head feck for the body.

The Thrusters and Sumo’s were by far the most horrible!!!





WOD 8th April Hang Cleans & Pull ups

This week My tummy is starting to look a bit more fuller! I am craving all things sweet and energy levels are sky rocketing!

Feeling pretty good now after an up and down first trimester, my body must be getting used to the changes.

The WOD for today is programmed with tuck jumps. Not the nicest of movements at the best of times.

A tuck jump, even the thought of them turns my tummy. Can you imagine how the baby might feel during 20 reps of tucks??? It’s little head banging all over the show!

I decided to sub!

Here is how the WOD looked with my sub.

10 Hang Power Cleans (35Kg)

15 Pull ups

20 Step ups (20 inches)

There were 5 rounds to complete.

I pushed through and finished at 13 minutes!

WOD 7th April Squats and Clean pulls

Rounding the week up with some more squats with Chris in his 8am class.

My energy levels are climbing with everyday! Though my glutes ache from yesterdays deadlifts!

With that in mind I knew I would find the squats harder then usual and probably default to using more of my quads. To give myself a helping hand I used a ball behind me as a guide to reach for.

It worked a treat!

I stuck with 55Kg. I built up to this with a bar warm up set and 2 progressive sets adding weight till I reached 55.

Working sets were then 2×5 and 1×5+

I have never really used a ball behind me but I found it a good training tool as it allowed me to reach with my hips and find a target.

We had some time left to run through some clean pulls.

3-3-3-3 at a max weight.

For this I didn’t use my pre-pregnancy max, I used my pregnancy max which is 45Kg.

A good 10Kg lighter then previously.

Just for fun Chris finished with headstead practise!

All I can say is that baby doesn’t like this!

Thanks for a good class Chris!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.


WOD 6th April Crossfit Open

I have seen an amazing clip of a pregnant crossfitter Jesse taking part in the first Crossfit Open WOD.

She was 8 months pregnant at the time!!!

The WOD consisted of 30 Double unders and 15 Power Snatches/Clean & Jerk(20Kg).

This was an AMRAP of 10 minutes.

I was so impressed with her performance, she reached 4 rounds!

Check out the clip!

If only I could do double unders, well I can do about 3 at a time but no more if I am honest.

On seeing the second weeks Open WOD of deadlifts, push ups and box jumps I stamped my foot!

Again another WOD I would not be able to do! It was the box jumps that would stop me this time.

Deciding to sub and give the WOD a go anyway would have to do. It would mean that I couldn’t submit the score! Boo Hoo.

Least I get to give it a go.

The WOD was as follows……

15 minute AMRAP

9 Deadlifts 45Kg (No bouncing of the bar)

12 push ups (Hands off at the bottom, hips and shoulder lift in one)

15 Box Jumps (for me Squats, the standard for jumps is full extension)

I loved this one! Whoop.

I got 10 rounds in, I wonder if that would be the case if I was box jumping?????


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.