Training Sophie @ 17 weeks Session 1

Sophie is an old member @ Crossfit London. She has had quite a gap, approx 5 months since her last WOD.

She is currently 17 weeks pregnant with her second baby.

Before pregnancy she use to run and did Crossfit. In her first pregnancy she didn’t Crossfit but spurred on by me to give it a go she rocked up this morning as I beat myself up at fight gone bad.

As it was a while since her Crossfit days I wanted to re-cap some of the moves and see what she remembered.

We covered :

Squats, Press and Push Press, Deadlifts and Pull ups.

I told Sophie what trouble I have had with my pull ups and how I was determined to get them back. I showed her some of the ways I was scaling them to improve my strength.

One thing she did raise was press ups.

She has experienced pain in her wrists.

This is probably due to carpal tunnel. Its when swelling from water retention effects the nerves and causes pain when weight is exerted through the wrist.

She also wondered about doing ‘lots of push ups’ at home.

If you think about how the body changes and the weight increase on the chest. The idea of doing lots of press ups while ignoring the back is counter-productive. You will only exacerbate the chest muscles and create even more rounding of the shoulders,altering your posture further.

Anyways …….Sophie got on really well with the moves so well in fact I thought it was only fair to give her a small workout.

A scaled fight gone bad style workout.

Here is how it went:

Wall Ball

Step Up

Push Press


Kb Deadlift

Sophie worked for 45 seconds and then had a 15 second rest while she moved to the next station.

This was just the right pace for her considering her break from exercise and her pregnancy.

By the end of 2 rounds it was clearly a challenge for her.

She did really well, beating her first round score in the second.

Well Done Sophie. Whoop Whoop.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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  1. I was worried about being so out of shape and also not knowing what would ‘feel’ okay to do but, thank you Sally, I left feeling empowered about what my body is still capable of! Plus I had that great feeling the next day of having worked hard, with the most sore bingo wings and thighs for a long time!!

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