WOD 11th APRIL Morning Shocker

Yikes this morning was certainly a wake up call!

Instead of my usual strength program I wanted today to focus on my upper body pulls and snatch drills.

I am desperate to reclaim my one strict pull up!

Before pregnancy I had at least one but after a mixture of kipping with bands and added weight from the pregnancy has meant that I have lost any strength I had.

I am not going to give up on it though and am determined to get it back.

My theory is that by pulling up with an ever increasing weighted jacket (the baby) that eventually I will either win back my pull up or at least when I have had the baby and the jacket of weight comes off all the months of weighted pull ups will have paid off!!

Now to practise something I can do!

Snatch Drills.

I followed the Bergener Warm up. Watch this video for a step by step guide to Bergener.

Bergener Warm up

The met con for today was a shocker.

Read it and weep!

AMRAP 5 minutess

Kb Swings 16Kg  & Box Jumps (Sub- Step ups)


AMRAP 5 minutes

Thruster  & SDHP (sumo-deadlift high pull) 20/25Kg


AMRAP 5 minutes

Push press & Burpees (Sub- Press up an a step up) 25Kg


Moving between the disciplines before getting in some kind of flow is a major head feck for the body.

The Thrusters and Sumo’s were by far the most horrible!!!





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