WOD 14th April 10 Minuute Snatch test

Oh dear pregnancy brain strikes again! I am getting more and more ditsy and forgetful as the months go on!

I even got my travel insurance all twisted up. I will have to give them a call next week to amend the details.

Pregnancy should come with a warning!

“All brain power lost, Memory useless!”

That said I still got the energy to keep training.

I wanted to cold snatch test myself.

If you are unsure what that is, it is quite easy. It’s a kettlebell snatch and 10 minutes to do the most possible. You can alternate arms but you gotta keep going.

I did this a while ago with Sam. I used a 12Kg and reached 200 snatches.

This time around I stuck with the 12Kg again and wanted to reach 200 again but this time I wanted to manage the reps.

I told myself to hit 20 reps per minute. This meant that on average I scored an 8-10 second rest.

Next time I am going to aim for 22-24 each minute and cut the rest.

Now I have a minimum I can reach (200) I want to steadily improve that and see where I can get to and then see what I can do with a 16Kg.

My session today was a bit of everything.

I followed Chris’s strength program of box squats. I do love a box squat.

If you are not sure what this is then let me explain.

Taking a low box or you can stack up some plates.

Your bar is about 50% of your 1 rep max.

You want to reach back into the squat slowly with little/no forward movement form the knee. When you reach the box allow yourself to sit completely on the box and then drive up quickly to standing.

You want to do around 10 sets of 2.

Inbetween the sets with a rest of 1 minute I did a bit of muscle up practise. I used 3 boxes set out 2,1. I had my feet up on one with my hands over the other 2 like a push up. I was trying to improve my depth strength by pushing down to where my chest was below the box line.

I did one each rest.

That was enough for me. As this was a tough one I had to be aware of holding my breath. In my condition the chance of getting light-headed and dizzy is high.

One was more then enough strength wise and safety wise!

I had to test out tonight’s met con.

An AMRAP 12 minutes

5 Power Snatches 25/35Kg

10 Pistols

I did my pistols on a box as multiple reps can make my quads cramp.

i started with my leg out in front but found I twisted through my pelvis way to much.

This is not a good idea with a hyper mobile pelvis so I allowed my leg to hang. I still got full range but this method now meant that my toes touched the floor.

As long as I kept driving up through the leg on the box I was still getting a great workout!

I reached 10 rounds.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.

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