WOD 15th April CINDY

Since this is my 5th day I a row I took this as a relaxing WOD.

You may think this sounds like a funny way to relax but I love my training sessions and when the baby is here I am sure I wont be able to hit the gym quite as much, so I am making the most of it!!!

With a newbie in the class form was the main focus!

We did some heavy swings and burpees to start with as a warm up. As burpees are not my thing right now I did a couple of minutes of just the swings.

My butt was sure hurting after yesterday and boy could I feel it when I swung!!!

Not content with yesterday’s glute battering, deadlifts were on the program for today.

After a set with a light weight I went into my usual 2×5 and 1×5+

Form is still feeling good and at present am not feeling any restrictions with deadlifting and baby.

Cindy is up next

I had a mixed class today at 7.30 so where usually I can join in and be pretty confident that the gang are all good. I needed to be on side to shout the odd technique cue and alter a few positions. So I took CINDY very lightly.

Cindy is a crossfit benchmark WOD.

It’s AMRAP 20 minutes of….

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Squats

I used a blue support band and stuck to my strict pulls. I am sure I am making head way as they are feeling more manageable!

I am getting close to having to adjust the depth of my push ups as its mildly uncomfortable. I still have a relatively flat tummy for a 4.5 month pregnant lady but I can feel the change in pressure in my tummy!

I am sure my bump is not far away!

As I was more concerned with the class then my workout (remember I was relaxing) I only reached 8 rounds!

Never mind I will be nice and relaxed for Colin tomorrow.

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.



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