WOD 18th April Strength all the way.

After all the excitement of last weeks training session today I wanted to focus on a few areas I hadn’t touch.

To keep up with the strength program I was following I had  to keep my Strict Press in there.

To warm up before hand I took a bar and went through the motions of a clean & jerk. I did 20 reps in total.

This gave a nice warming effect, got me prepared for heavier cleaning.

I then went on to add some weight to the bar. After last weeks open WOD I had a target in mind.

I pushed through 3 sets of 3.

Next up I wanted to get the pressing out of the way.

Already warmed up I started on 2 sets of progressive weight before jumping to my working weight.

Working sets were as usual 2×5 1×5+

The racks were already out ready for front squats.

It’s been a while since I last front squatted. I couldn’t even recall the weight used????

I knew it would probably be in or around my back squat weight.

I warmed up with 2×3 sets progressing the weight and then finished off with 3 working sets of 3.

With a little energy left in the tank I worked on my snatch drills!!!


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