WOD 1st April Squats and Kettlebells for breakfast.

Breaking the routine again I joined in with the morning crew at Crossfit London.

It really does surprise me how some days my pregnancy doesn’t effect my training one bit and other days like yesterday I am left feeling so puffed!

Today was a good day.

I paired up with Amelia for squats. She is a good partner to have and great at motivating me through what felt like a tough squat session.

Its so hit and miss. One day I am strong and then the next I am a weakling.

Nevermind, it’s all in a good cause.

The squats were good old fashioned back squats. The usual warm up of bar-wu-wu.

Working sets of 5,5,5+

I have to admit that I wasn’t able to make it pass 5 on the last set. I had reached my limit for today. I am starting to get the feeling I will need to adjust my weights again and make them a little lighter. 2.5/5kg will do the trick.

Steve had taken the met con from the Grey Skulls website. His new favourite.

(Grey Skulls are coming to Crossfit London on Easter Bank Holiday to run a workshop if anyone is interested)

AMRAP 10 minutes

Alternating Arms of

1 Turkish Get Up

3 Snatches

3 Overhead Squats

This was done with Kettlebells. I used 12kg for this WOD which was just the right size.

I managed 17 rounds.

The trick with Overhead kettlebell squats is always keep you eye on the bell.

If you are interested in improving your kettlebell skill I am running the next Kettlebell Master Class on 16th April at 2.30 with my pal from Crossfit London Phil Rolling.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.


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