WOD 20th April Open Day!

This was the day I was not looking forward to!

Anyone who has been following the open wod’s will know that this week is a monster.

This was an AMRAP of 10 minutes, looking at the leader board online and you could see clearly that not many rounds would be achieved.

I wasn’t even planning to follow any strength! Save all the energy for the WOD.

I did a simple warm up of pvc overhead squats and wall squats before looking at the wod and wondering what weight to use???

So I bet your wondering what all the fuss is over……….

It’s an AMRAP 10 minutes

60 Burpees jumping over a bar each time.

30 Overhead Squats (40/50Kg)

10 Muscles Ups

Lets take a look at the scaling…………..

The Burpees were going to be a problem, I am not comfortable jumping any more.

My substitute was a press up (I can still get my chest to the floor) and a step up on a box the height of a barbell.

I could maybe do one or two overhead squats at 40Kg but that would be so close to my rep max I decided to stick with 25Kg.

The Burpees were ok till about rep 30-35.

The Overhead Squats were monstrous on the wrists!

I managed to get through the burpees and overhead squats when the clock hit 10 minutes.

I felt dead cuffed to get that far. It was a strangely enjoyable but tough one!


I finished up the session with a bit of muscle up practise of course after catching my breath!

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.

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