WOD 21 April Swinging around the block!

Testing out the WOD’s before I hand them out is a ritual of mine that I usually enjoy but today my enthusiasm was faltering. I was at home looking a the sunshine trying to think of a good excuse………..of course there was none!

I rocked up to the gym as the 8am class were finishing up. Watching all those guys working their butts off was the pick me up I needed!

I was focused again.

Following the strength program today was pressing.

The thing with pressing is that even at the best of times progress is very slow!

I am sticking to the weight I have been using for the last few weeks in the view to building my stability and form before even thinking about moving up in weight. Form and stability is so important at this time.

Warm up sets = Bar, add weight, add weight (each of 5 reps)

Working sets 2×5, 1×5+

The met con for today is 5 rounds of

50 Swings

450 Run

I used a 12Kg bell and the run was more like a jog.

Now Crossfit London has moved to Malcom Place, we have the park to jog around. It makes such a difference.

I am not really cuffed at how long this took me to complete. My only defence is that jogging/running is not my strong point!

I got this all done and dusted in 22 minutes.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.

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