WOD 22 April Good Friday

Wanting to earn my egg this year. And up for a tough one since I was taking the WHOLE weekend off!

I decided FIGHT GONE BAD was on the cards.

If you have never seen or done fight gone bad please check out the above link.

I actually converted my pounds into kilos wrong!  Not good!

But still it was a good workout!

Secondly the rower (concept two) had run out of battery meaning I had to use the old water filled rower and rather then calories I could only calculate my distance. Doh!

After a mobility warm up, I set everything out, had a gulp of water and got myself in position.

Wall ball

Sumo-deadlift-highpull (20Kg should be 25Kg)

Push press (20Kg should be 25Kg)

Box Jump (sub-ed to step ups)

Row (should count calories if the rower is working properly)

For all apart from the Row you count the reps.

You spend a minute on each exercise, at the end you rest for 1 minute and the repeat 3x.

At the end you total up your scores to give you a grand total.

This WOD is quite strategic. You need to manage your time well and if you are poor at a certain move but strong at others it’s a good idea to do what you can of the harder ones and move on in time to allow the max time on your stronger moves. The clock runs continuously meaning transition between stations needs to be smooth.

By half way I was hating the sumo-deadlifts and Push press. I felt a little light headed, I think due to moving quickly from station to station. I had a partner with me to count my reps and monitor how I was doing so I wasn’t worried. If I felt I needed to I would have stopped.

It’s very satisfying to reach the end of this wod. It gives a great sense of achievement.

Why not give it a go, Check out my next post to see how I scaled this down for Sophie @ 17 weeks pregnant.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.


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