WOD 27th April Made up on the spot!

Usually I have Steve guiding me through the programming for the morning classes but today he had a lie in so instead of doing the Open. I had no mobile phone to connect to the internet to check the official WOD so knowing a few of the moves included I had to make someting up on the spot.

It weren’t too bad either.

We started with strength as per. I knew it had to be deadlifts as squats were monday and press was tuesday.

So we worked on our warm up sets with the bar and adding a bit of weight. Around 3 warm up sets of 5.

Then the working sets,  2×5. I have found this on past days frustrating that I can’t really up my weights but today still using the same weight as before it felt mildly harder!

I gotta say now the baby is getting bigger and moving around move strength is not my favourite part of the day. I can see myself steadily dropping the weight in future months!

Anyways on to the WOD….my made up WOD.

3 Rounds of

12 Power Cleans

15 Dumbell Thrusters

18 Pull Ups

I always find DB thrusters hard. I much prefer barbell thrusters…but hey you can’t always do what you like.

I split my Pull ups in to 8’s and 5’s using a blue band and the coupling it with a red band.

I nailed it in 14 minutes 40 seconds.

I am sure I am clawing back my pull ups strength Whoop Whoop!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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