WOD 2nd April Bodyweight Workout

Early mornings are becoming a habit for me.

It must be preparation for when the baby arrives!

I hop stepped to Colin’s Saturday class to be confronted with deadlifts! Didn’t I only just do them on Thursday?

The deadlift use to be known as the Health Lift! So why not run through it again.

We smashed out our usual 2×5 and 1×5+

I got to say this felt a lot more solid then Thursday and unlike Thursday I was able to rep out on the last set.

Progress! Whoop

Colin had a nice bodyweight WOD up his sleeve.

It included sit ups but for me we sub-ed them with hanging baskets.

For Time

100 Squats

75 Push ups

50 Sit ups/hanging baskets

25 Pull ups.

Phew now that’s out of the way, onwards with the weekend and enjoying the sun.

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