WOD 4th April Double Whammie

If this wasn’t proof that the second trimester sees the return of your energy level then I dunno what is!!!!

I had a rather tasty looking WOD lined up for tonight’s classes. I needed to run through first though, to make sure how long it would take and what weights to use.

But rocking up to the morning class I really liked the look of Steve’s program I was teaching at 7.30!

Why not do them both I thought.

Not only am I full of energy but I am really enjoying the strength programming that we are running at Crossfit London. If I can keep my strength up through my pregnancy maybe running around and picking up a baby wont be such hard work! Is that wishful thinking?

Squats for strength.

Warming up with the bar and two more sets adding some

Working sets were 2×5 and 1×5+

This felt hard today! I think I am just going to be quite up and down throughout the next 5 months. At least I am still getting it done.

Met con for this morning was as follows….

8 Handstand Push ups

12 Knees to elbow/Toes to bar

16 Kb Swings

5 rounds Please!

Knees to elbow have always been a challenge for my and today was no exception!

I got this done in 14 minutes and used a 16kg Kettlebell. Love it!

I went home and caught up with a bit of work at home before heading back to the gym for a PT session.

It was then that the second WOD came in.

Finishing the PT session off I contemplated the weight to use.

The WOD was a mix of cleans and push ups with a prescribed weight of 40kg for women.

Keeping the my baby in mind I was not about to follow the prescribed weight.

I decided on 35Kg, loading it in such a way that I could easily take off 5kg if needed.

I needn’t have worried the weight was just right.

And now for the WOD

15 Hang power cleans 30 Push ups

12 HPC 24 Push ups

9 HPC 18 Push ups

6 HPC 12 Push ups

3 HPC 6 Push ups

I got through this in 8 minutes and 45 seconds Whoop Whoop.

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