WOD 6th April Crossfit Open

I have seen an amazing clip of a pregnant crossfitter Jesse taking part in the first Crossfit Open WOD.

She was 8 months pregnant at the time!!!

The WOD consisted of 30 Double unders and 15 Power Snatches/Clean & Jerk(20Kg).

This was an AMRAP of 10 minutes.

I was so impressed with her performance, she reached 4 rounds!

Check out the clip!


If only I could do double unders, well I can do about 3 at a time but no more if I am honest.

On seeing the second weeks Open WOD of deadlifts, push ups and box jumps I stamped my foot!

Again another WOD I would not be able to do! It was the box jumps that would stop me this time.

Deciding to sub and give the WOD a go anyway would have to do. It would mean that I couldn’t submit the score! Boo Hoo.

Least I get to give it a go.

The WOD was as follows……

15 minute AMRAP

9 Deadlifts 45Kg (No bouncing of the bar)

12 push ups (Hands off at the bottom, hips and shoulder lift in one)

15 Box Jumps (for me Squats, the standard for jumps is full extension)

I loved this one! Whoop.

I got 10 rounds in, I wonder if that would be the case if I was box jumping?????


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.



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  1. Well done Sal, 10 is an awesome score! “Improvise, adapt and overcome” as my Andrew would say. We did it at crossfitlondon yesterday and I managed 2 box jumps short of 8 rounds, very frustrating. It was the press-ups that slowed me down. You will have to keep all your “whilst pregnant” scores and then son the WODS again next year and see what you get. Keep it up gal !!

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