WOD 7th April Squats and Clean pulls

Rounding the week up with some more squats with Chris in his 8am class.

My energy levels are climbing with everyday! Though my glutes ache from yesterdays deadlifts!

With that in mind I knew I would find the squats harder then usual and probably default to using more of my quads. To give myself a helping hand I used a ball behind me as a guide to reach for.

It worked a treat!

I stuck with 55Kg. I built up to this with a bar warm up set and 2 progressive sets adding weight till I reached 55.

Working sets were then 2×5 and 1×5+

I have never really used a ball behind me but I found it a good training tool as it allowed me to reach with my hips and find a target.

We had some time left to run through some clean pulls.

3-3-3-3 at a max weight.

For this I didn’t use my pre-pregnancy max, I used my pregnancy max which is 45Kg.

A good 10Kg lighter then previously.

Just for fun Chris finished with headstead practise!

All I can say is that baby doesn’t like this!

Thanks for a good class Chris!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.


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