WOD 8th April Hang Cleans & Pull ups

This week My tummy is starting to look a bit more fuller! I am craving all things sweet and energy levels are sky rocketing!

Feeling pretty good now after an up and down first trimester, my body must be getting used to the changes.

The WOD for today is programmed with tuck jumps. Not the nicest of movements at the best of times.

A tuck jump, even the thought of them turns my tummy. Can you imagine how the baby might feel during 20 reps of tucks??? It’s little head banging all over the show!

I decided to sub!

Here is how the WOD looked with my sub.

10 Hang Power Cleans (35Kg)

15 Pull ups

20 Step ups (20 inches)

There were 5 rounds to complete.

I pushed through and finished at 13 minutes!

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