WOD 25th May Fitting in a sneaky one

I am off to Italy tomorrow morning.

We are off for the bank holiday weekend to visit family and as it has been only a few days since we got back from Thailand I have been catching up with as much as I can in both work life and personal life.

Visiting Dad, sister and Nans, seeing clients, teaching classes, making a start on the baby’s room, coaching at the I-course…phew for only a few days  I have got loads packed in. Even fitting in some training!

It was too tempting to fit in one last WOD before I left.

Just a quickie………..

Looking at output over a number of rounds the WOD was as follows

5 Rounds of

9 Thrusters

9 Pull ups

The weight was looking like something a bit above your Fran time (Fran 21 15 9 thrusters and pull ups)

Top of a Thruster
Top of a Thruster

I used 30Kg and found the pull ups as usual a challenge. Proud that I am not using a green band but I am looking forward to the day when I can lose the bands again!

Anyways after this trip to Italy it will be all action stations preparing for the baby.

I am sure holidays will become a lot harder from now on!

See you when I am back on Monday evening.


WOD 24th May Catching up with Chris

Only a couple of days till I leave for Italy I thought I had better drop in and see Chris before I shoot off again.

It was a busy morning at his 8am class with Push Press on the board for strength.

We did 2×5 & 1×5+

Shoulders feeling good after a long break.

I wasn’t looking forward to the met con though!

Chris had programmed Helen.

For those who don’t know what Helen here goes.

400m run

21 Swings

12 Pull ups

The thing I wasn’t looking forward to was the run.

With the baby growing I am not enjoying any excessive pelvic floor battering!

What to scale it to????????????????/

Chris dragged out the concept 2 for me, whoop whoop rowing it was.

You have to complete 3 rounds.

Doesn’t seem to tough but after the 400m and then swings its murder on the legs.

I smashed it in 13 minutes 19 seconds.

Not bad considering my ever growing bump!

WOD Getting back in the swing.

Saturday 21st May – VERY JET LAGGED STILL

But since I was in the gym working I thought it would be rude not to drop into Colin’s 10.30 class.

I was in for a shock though!

2 weeks away, a bump and all the extra weight made me very slow.

It didn’t help that Colin had programmed a  body weight WOD.

On the minute every minute for 20 minutes of

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats

For a start the push ups had to be scaled to on the knees. I just couldn’t continue with chest to floor in the full push up position.

In the mist of a WOD I couldn’t think of a better way to do the push ups, I will have to come up with some bright ideas.

And the squats were slow and grinding. A far cry from pre-pregnant squats.

The problem was my hips just didn’t want to move faster then snail pace.

I guess it’s my bodies way of saying slow down!

Finally rather then following the on the minute every minute format. It ended up turning into an AMRAP for me as I just couldn’t keep up with the pack!

Needless to say I was quite sore on Sunday coaching at the I-Course.

Monday 23rd May -KILLER PUSH UPS

I was still troubled by my poor performance on Saturday.

I had consulted Colin and Steve regarding my push ups and decided it would be far better to keep intensity and range by using a box for the hands.

This of course will become harder as the bump increases but for now it will work nicely.

I had my first opportunity to try out the scaling on Monday morning.

Following a strength routine of front squats. 5-5-5+

Programmed was

Kb Snatches   10-8 -6 -4 -2

Push ups         20-18-16-14-12

Step ups          20-20-20-20-20

I found the push ups on the box a challenge, they weren’t easy.

Killer Push ups
Killer Push ups

It took me what felt like forever but I got there and felt rather proud of myself!

BLOG Back from the honeymoon…..kind of!

As you may have noticed from the lack of recent posts I have been away on my honeymoon.

My husband Adrian and I were on the island of Koh Samui for 2 glorious sun filled weeks.

We landed home, very early on Friday morning full of jet lag, but no rest for the wicked as we had our 2nd baby scan.

I am now at 23 weeks and should have had this scan at 20 weeks but due to our travels re-scheduled for our return.

I have to say I was very excited to see how much the baby had grown.

But before I tell you how the scan was I think I need to bring you up to speed over the last few weeks.

Before we left for our travels I had not much of a tummy to show for.  Sure my waist had disappeared some what but it had more of an appearance of a bloated belly then an expectant mother!

We arrived at 9.30am on the island of Koh Samui to be hit with 36 degree heat and rising.

The island was beautiful, perfect for a pre-baby holiday. I could imagine how difficult a baby would struggle with the flight and heat! It was hard enough for me! I hate flying.

Our hotel was equally beautiful. Set on a cliff side with steps leading to either the reception or the beach, our room overlooked the beach. Perfect.

Days passed slowly and lazily.

The heat was awesome. It hit you like a brick first thing in the morning.

And the steps that had at first looked quite innocent started to take on a sinister form.

I found that with the heat and humidity I became increasingly more like an OAP, needing Adrian to at times almost push me up the steps, gasping for breath at the top.

Boy if I wasn’t a generally fit person I think the steps would have been the death of me!

Laying on the beach was a new story also.

Where as before I could quite happily lay either front or back and fall asleep to the sound of the sea.

I was now finding myself very uncomfortable!

I couldn’t lay on my tummy at all!!!

And on my back was ok for a while before I became too uncomfortable and had to move to my side or get up and take a walk.

The first week went by, the weather just seemed to get hotter!

Food was amazing, So fresh and delicious. We must have had curry everyday, twice a day!

As the second week began something strange started to happen.

My tummy appeared to pop literally over night! People started to comment and at last I look pregnant and not bloated.

I have to say I was quite proud of my little bump.

Perfect Little Bump
Perfect Little Bump

But with a growing bump came a sore back! Strangely only on one side???

Being in Thailand I was able to take advantage of the umpteen massage parlours.

You may wonder how you have a full body massage when you can’t lay on your tummy???

The therapist places you on your side with a pillow between your legs.

The massages were awesome! Something I will keep up throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

The remainder of the holiday went without a hitch. We loved every minute of the holiday but I was ready to come home.

I was starting to get bothered in the heat. I was 52 degrees on the beach!

And the thought of the scan was too exciting!

This brings me pretty much up to the scan.

We were very jet lagged but excited waiting to be called in.

The scan at 20 weeks is what they call and anomaly scan. They are looking for anything wrong with the development of the baby, even able to check for clef palette!

Thankfully the baby was doing fine. We could have found out the sex but decided to keep it a surprise.

The picture isn’t a great one but shows how much the baby has grown.

The baby is around a pound in weight and is very lively already.

A crossfitter in the making!

Although I have been home a few days We will be off again over the bank holiday weekend to visit the in-laws in Italy.

I reckon this will probably be the last of the holidays though for quite some time!




WOD 3rd May Catching up with Chris

Since I haven’t caught up with Chris in a few weeks I felt like jumping into his 8am class.

I always find it’s nice to have someone coaching me instead of the other way round.

This will be maybe my last WOD for 2 weeks as I am off on my honeymoon.

2 lovely weeks on the Island of Ko Samui off Thailand.

Anyways ……………..Chris got us working on some mobility before cracking out some Deadlifts.

Working sets -2×5 and 1×5+

Getting a bit more scapular retraction, locking in the tension a bit more meant the lift felt better.

Thanks Chris.

Though my thanks stops there as his WOD looking horrible on paper!

60 Thrusters for time!

We had about 10 minutes to complete this.

In my mind I thought 25Kg would be my lot, I really wasn’t looking forward to this!

But to my surprise I got through 60 thrusters in 4 minutes 3 seconds!!!

Think I might go a bit heavier next time!

We finished off hanging around on the pull up ridge.

We did max dead hangs. around 3 rounds.

Thanks again Chris see you when I am back.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD All in One – 29th – 30th – 1st & 2nd

All the excitement of the wedding has meant that I have to catch up with a few WOD’s.

29th April Wedding day!

I woke up late today for the first time since taking up the 7.30 classes.

Ooops, It’s not a great excuse but I am blaming the fact that I can now not sleep on my tummy -my favourite sleeping position.

Anyways, I got myself out of bed and rushed down to the gym.

Ameilia was waiting for me and thankfully didn’t mind I was a little late.

We smashed out some deadlifts. Working sets of 2×5 and 1×5+

I enjoy training with Ameilia, we have a healthy balance of gossip and training.

She is a good one to have on side to check your technique so we did a bit of form work on our cleans.

When we got to the met con, I realised I can’t really get to grips with body weight WOD’s at the moment.

They just don’t feel comfortable anymore.

Needless to say I didn’t do well with 7 minutes of Cindy.

I think I got about 5 rounds in.

Not sure what Cindy is all about:

5 Pull ups, 10 Push ups, 15 Squats (usually Amrap 20 minutes)

Very soon the range for my push ups is going to have to change!!! Belly is actually starting to get a bit bigger! Whoop Whoop.

30th April

Covering for Colin & a sneaky WOD.

I had a busy morning with Colin’s classes, despite the bank holiday the beginners were out in force at 9am and another busy looking class at 10.30.

I decided to change Colin’s programming after seeing a tasty looking WOD on the main site.

So when only Jeff rocked up at 11.30 I took my chance to work along side him.

The WOD was a Hero workout called ‘Hammer’ a lovely barbell complex which looked mean.

This is how it went

3-5 Rounds of

5 Power cleans

10 Front Squats

5 Push jerks

20 Pull ups

90 rest between rounds

Me and Jeff worked on a few warm up sets before hand to decide what weight would work well. The Rx’d was 60Kg for men and 40Kg for women but although  may be able to lift that weight for each move I wasn’t prepared to strain under the weight or ‘go mad’.

I had seen the last classes tackle it and knew it was going to be tough. I even drop the amount of rounds.

This was certainly a killer Hammer of a workout! Not for the faint-hearted.

1st May

BBQ and a Jog

I was spending the weekend with my Dad.

I love staying over there. It’s nice to be back in the home that I grew up in and around my family during my pregnancy.

We have a love of curry so spent our Saturday evening scoffing a lovely curry in his local.

It was after we returned, after all that food that I decided to weigh myself!!!

Uh oh why did I do that! After all that food.

Well I shall confess I tipped the scaled at 72Kg!

That seems like sooooooo much. I wish I  had not stepped on the scales

My sister told me try again tomorrow when you haven’t consumed your weight in poppadoms!

Me and Dad have got into this routine of going for a jog around the park when I stay over so come 7am on the Sunday morning I was up with Dad.

My Dad is 65yrs old and previously has never jogged in his life till about 6 months ago.

He started with just 10 minutes around the block and has now built up to 2Km. Well Done Dad.

So off we went. Round the park, past the golf club, up the hill and down the lane.

It may only be 20 minutes but it’s nice to have some time with Dad, and at that time in the morning, the views at the top of the hill are lovely.

On my return after a lovely hot shower and some breakfast I stepped on the scales again to see what kind of difference it made.

70Kg! Wow all that curry!

Still a gain of 9Kg is about right I guess I was just very surprised to see the numbers.

2nd May

Deon is back!

Deon is my favourite South African Crossfitter.

After a long break he is back. Keep an eye out for him at the morning classes.

Anyway it was just me and him so we had a chance to catch up and work hard.

There was a lot to catch up on as last time I saw him I was unmarried with no babies in my sights.

Strength has had a shake up.

Front Squats are now on the cards instead of back squats.

Same format 2×5 1×5+

After back squats this did feel tough.

I am hoping a few weeks working on my front squat will help get my clean catch a bit more solid.

The met con, I scaled not just for me but Deon has had a fair old break from exercise so I didn’t want him on his knees.

Here’s how it goes.

5 Thrusters

7 Hang Power Cleans

10 Sumodeadlift High Pulls

AMRAP 12 minutes ( I scaled this from 20 mins)

I am getting tired! This felt tough. Either that or the baby is making Mummy extra tired.

Maybe a touch of too much work not enough rest but hey I am going on my honeymoon in 3 days!

Phew that’s the end of the catch up for bank holiday weekend.

Hope you all had a lovely break and enjoyed the extra day.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.