WOD 25th May Fitting in a sneaky one

I am off to Italy tomorrow morning.

We are off for the bank holiday weekend to visit family and as it has been only a few days since we got back from Thailand I have been catching up with as much as I can in both work life and personal life.

Visiting Dad, sister and Nans, seeing clients, teaching classes, making a start on the baby’s room, coaching at the I-course…phew for only a few days  I have got loads packed in. Even fitting in some training!

It was too tempting to fit in one last WOD before I left.

Just a quickie………..

Looking at output over a number of rounds the WOD was as follows

5 Rounds of

9 Thrusters

9 Pull ups

The weight was looking like something a bit above your Fran time (Fran 21 15 9 thrusters and pull ups)

Top of a Thruster
Top of a Thruster

I used 30Kg and found the pull ups as usual a challenge. Proud that I am not using a green band but I am looking forward to the day when I can lose the bands again!

Anyways after this trip to Italy it will be all action stations preparing for the baby.

I am sure holidays will become a lot harder from now on!

See you when I am back on Monday evening.


One thought on “WOD 25th May Fitting in a sneaky one”

  1. I spend a very nice time with you and Adi in Turin.
    Mind out: if you want a pizza you must choose Norma, the one with aubergines and Grana Padano (cheese)!! 😛

    I’m sorry that we saw a little bit, unfortunatly it was a very full week end for we both! 🙁
    But I hope we’ll see you soon!
    Kisses to your pretty belly <3

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