WOD 3rd May Catching up with Chris

Since I haven’t caught up with Chris in a few weeks I felt like jumping into his 8am class.

I always find it’s nice to have someone coaching me instead of the other way round.

This will be maybe my last WOD for 2 weeks as I am off on my honeymoon.

2 lovely weeks on the Island of Ko Samui off Thailand.

Anyways ……………..Chris got us working on some mobility before cracking out some Deadlifts.

Working sets -2×5 and 1×5+

Getting a bit more scapular retraction, locking in the tension a bit more meant the lift felt better.

Thanks Chris.

Though my thanks stops there as his WOD looking horrible on paper!

60 Thrusters for time!

We had about 10 minutes to complete this.

In my mind I thought 25Kg would be my lot, I really wasn’t looking forward to this!

But to my surprise I got through 60 thrusters in 4 minutes 3 seconds!!!

Think I might go a bit heavier next time!

We finished off hanging around on the pull up ridge.

We did max dead hangs. around 3 rounds.

Thanks again Chris see you when I am back.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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