WOD 27th June Team Building

Another early Pt session meant I was able to jump into Chris’s 8am class.

The class was unusually female dominated, poor Eric had to put up with me, Helen and Patricia.

Chris had us warming up with a few simple drills -high knees, jog backwards, side stepping.

Next on the cards were Front Squats.

3 working sets of 5,5,5+

After having spent yesterday working on box squat technique. Reaching the hips back. I made sure to focus on reaching and keeping my elbows high.

Each week my belly is getting bigger and bigger.

With the size I am losing the ability to brace through my truck efficiently. This is driving the weight down in my squat.

I am also decreasing my depth.

Main thing is though that I am still doing what I can do.

Following the squats Chris set up the WOD.

We were in teams. Obviously Boys v’s Girls.

Since there was only Eric for the boys it meant that Chris had to join in.

The WOD went like this…



200 Push Press 30Kg

100 GHD (gulte, hamstring developer) back extention.

50 Pull ups

GHD Machine
GHD Machine


300 Push Press 20Kg

150 GHD (glute, hamstring developer) back extention. -For me though I did a few hanging baskets.

75 Pull ups

A hanging basket A hanging basket

I didn’t have my camera today so I have inserted a picture of Ben doing an awesome Hanging Basket.

I think this will be my last time doing hanging baskets as I didn’t feel comfortable. I did only 30 reps before stopping and letting the other girls take over the reps.

The aim of the game was to total up in your team the amount of reps for each exercise.

Only one person is able to work at one time. There is no set breakdown as long as you accumulate the reps.

It was fun to work as a team, it almost didn’t feel like work.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach



BLOG Sore Feet & Sun

Oh dear I only have a week till the 10k run!

I am sure I will be fine but boy will it be slow.

I am also thinking about my poor feet!

In recent weeks I have noticed my feet no matter what shoes I wear or what I do during the day, by the end of the day my feet are in bits!

This is quite common during pregnancy as water is sometimes retained around the joints making them swollen and painful. Added body weight can play it’s part to.

I don’t think I have ever gained this much weight so quickly and that can’t be good for the old feet!

The best thing to do if you are suffering to is to relive them with a nice massage from your partner or friend.

It wont cure the soreness but boy does it feel nice!

One last note to remember since the sun is out.

As a pregnant lady you are more sensitive to the effects of the sun! Make sure you use cream and cover up!!!!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


WOD 26th June Nancy

Boy it was a hot night!

It meant that I tossed and turned even more so, but hey I am going to stop complaining just in case it frightens the sun away again!

I hope everyone is enjoying the sudden turn in the weather.

With that in mind I must have know the weather would have changes as this was the first day in a while I have programmed a block run. Time to work on your tans!

I had to give this a test run so with the help of Ben and Christian this morning (and yes if you weren’t up at 7.30 it was still baking hot at that silly time) we started our morning with some simple hip warm ups and mobility.

We then had to drag out some plates to use as a box as today was box squat day!

Box squats are a great way to get the most out of your hips. By halting the movement mid range and asking the hip to explosively extend you find this has a great carry over to your squat strength workouts, aiding a sticking point to be overcome!

If you haven’t done them before you simply reach your hips back in a controlled way  to find the box. You take a seat on the box but don’t lose tension!

Then you drive back up the squat with as much force as you can extert.

This exercise is done at around 50% of your 1 rm. We performed 2×10 sets and gave our-self a good minute rest in between sets.

For a met con workout today I programmed for my Crossfit London classes Nancy.

This does include running so for me I sub-ed with rowing.

Nancy is 5 rounds of

400m Run/row

15 Overhead squats

I used 25Kg for today which was plenty of work on my wrists!

I guess in a way I am surprised by how much I can still push myself.

I have scaled for sure and still find that that is work enough.

My baby kicks me all the time so I know I am not doing anything wrong and if anything has made he or she a tough little thing as doctors say the heart beat is very strong.

I am sure I have a Crossfitter in the making!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 25th June Mini Saturday.

Today I rocked up and was surprised to see Alex was treading the boards teaching I think his first classes or at least he had only done a few before this.

He had choosen to work us hard with a medley of mini WODs.

Even the warm up seems like a WOD although he kept saying “don’t go too hard on the warm up” at Crossfit that can sometimes be a hard thing!

He did however before I jump to the fun bit have us loosening up with a spot of mobility.

In preparation for the WOD his warm up consisted of Power Cleans and Push ups. I did mine as standard these days off a box.

The weight for the warm up was the same as the WOD, 25Kg. I guess to get us used to the weight before hand.

The rep range for the warm up was a soft ladder of 2-4-6-8-6-4-2. Sweet!

Next for the bit I had been dreading……….

A WOD of 3 parts.

Each part was a 5 minute AMRAP

Part 1

10 Kettlebell swings and 10 box jumps (step ups)

2 minute rest

Part 2

10 Thrusters and 10 Sumo-deadlift high pulls

2 minute rest

Part 3

10 Push press and 10 burpees (push ups and step up for me)

I hated this one!!! Sorry Steve it’s not my fave.

The thing is and I think I mentioned this last time but doing 5 minutes, stopping then changing to a completely different exercise really throws me.

Oh and on top of that it turned out to be quite a humid day!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 24th June Going for it!

Today was my day for going for it.

I had just done two relatively easy days and was full of beans.

I was following Steve’s programming today which meant my strength was to be Front Squats!

I set up my rack, made sure I had my trusty ball for a depth guide and begun my warm up sets.

3 warm ups with the bar and adding some weight then for the working sets. Love it!

I have noticed that my stance for squats has got a tiny bit wider and I mean only a tiny bit.

That tiny bit makes a big difference as to how comfortable the depth of the squat feels.

That and the ball under my hips to encourage a good reach back meant that I was on fire.

My squats felt solid and so did I.

I reached 50Kg for the working sets, managing to get out 7 reps in the last set. I think the next time I hit a front squat I might sneak on another 2Kg.

The hard work though was still to come.

Steve had programmed Diane, a workout I had done a few weeks back.

I knew what weight I was using -50Kg and for the Ring dips a red band with a second red band if I needed it as back up.

Diane for those who don’t know is.


Deadlifts and Ring dips.

This is essentially a strength workout. I probably could have been a bit heavier as I didn’t really need to break down the  second and third sets of deadlifts.

At least it meant I got a decent time!

Ring dips in this are the hardest part. Especially as my weight keeps rising!

I went head to head with Ameilia on this one and we smashed it in 7 minutes! Whoop Whoop


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 23rd June Wake up!

This was never intended to be a training day as such but after an early start and a truck load of chores by the time my evening shift was under way I was feeling knackered!!!

I had missed my usual nap today and boy was I feeling it.

After a Pt session Jeff rocked up to the 5.30  Crossfit London class.

It was meant to be a class of 4 but bad weather or laziness meant it was just me and him.

So after taking Jeff through a pt style snatch clinic session, where we worked on his technique getting a better understanding of the movement and getting a PB! (PB- Personal Best)

Well done Jeff.

I asked him if he minded me joining in the WOD as I knew it was the only thing that would be a sure-fire wake up call.

He was cool with that so here it goes……….

AMRAP 15 minutes

20 Over-head lunges 10Kg Dumbell

7 Hang power snatchs 15Kg Dumbell (this is ok for me as I can control how close it gets to my belly)

All of this was done on the right ad left arm.

The lunges should have been walking but for me I made them on the spot as it gave greater control of my hips.

Rather then being the kind of WOD that gets you really breathless and crazy, this was more of a mind over matter.

Having your arm locked out overhead followed by snatches should be used as a form of torture!

Say that I enjoyed being able to snatch for once and not being afraid of hitting my belly.

After this I felt ready to continue in long night teaching.

There is nothing quite like a Crossfit Wod! Whoop Whoop.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.


WOD 22nd June Easy Day

I am resolved to having easy days from now on!

Today was my easy day.

I just wanted to keep it light and simple.

For strength I wanted to focus on Deadlifts. Unlike having 3 working sets of 5, the plan for today was to build up to one really good working set using 4/5 warm up sets to hit the working weight.

I needed a decent warm up though.

I wanted to work my hamstrings in preparation for the heavy deadlifts, single deadlifts were just the ticket with swings to stretch out the muscle and power cleans just for the fun of it.

I decided on the rep range 21-15-9 repeated twice, one for each leg.

So that is


Swings , Power Cleans and Single leg Deadlifts

Actually quite a taxing warm up for me!

I have adjusted Power clean and deadlifts to make space for my growing bump as my usual position is not the most comfortable.

Next on to my Deadlifts.

I did 5 warm up sets progressing nice and slowly up to a working set of 70Kg.

It was nice to be able to work up slowly as it meant I focused on my technique and really driving through my heels.

After an easy day today I am looking forward to a bit more intensity tomorrow.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 21st June As Many Rounds As Possible

After a very early Pt session I rocked up to see Chris at 8am.

I am really getting into the swing of early morning sessions. I will miss them when the baby is born. (I will be taking some time off from work and training- though I do have a plan)

I think my body is getting conditioned the early hours!

Getting on with the hard work ……

Chris had us working through some mobility with some band dislocations and some stretching before setting us up for the strength program of Push Press.

Push Press
Push Press

3 working sets of 5 after a few warm ups.

I had a good 3 minute rest in between sets and  racked the bar with 40Kg.

While resting we worked on driving through our heels to maximise hip power and speed.

Chris then took us through a met con to finish off the session.

AMRAP of 15 minutes

8 Knees to Elbows (of course I didn’t do K2E I just did hanging baskets)

Hanging Basket
Hanging Basket

9 Push Ups

10 Swings

I managed 10 rounds in the 15 minutes. I worked at my pace, which was a bit slower then the rest of the pack but hey at this point in the pregnancy who cares.

I had to take care when performing K2E as I had to focus on bracing my tummy and sucking the baby in.

An abdominal exercise like this where the abs are not flexed or over extended but are kept neutral is just right for pregnancy as it doesn’t encourage separation of the abs. – crucial for getting your tummy back post-natal.


Sally  Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

BLOG Heart Burn Hell

I don’t think before now that I have ever had heart burn.

It is a horrible burning sensation, which seems to last forever!

Recently I have been teaching classes with this distracting yuck in my throat.

I have finally found something which helps ease the burning without taking any over-the-counter medicine.

If you too are a lucky one to have never experienced it I will try to explain.

It is common in pregnancy because the valve between the oesophagus and stomach has become more relaxed and is now not as efficient at preventing food mixed with acid juices regurgitating back.

This irritates the lining of the oesophagus causing a burning sensation behind the front of the ribcage.

This can last for several hours, but it is not cause for alarm.

Ways to minimise heartburn:

Eat little and often,

Drink a glass of milk or natural yoghurt to neutralize stomach acid.

Sit up-right when eating.

Avoid laying down for at least an hour after eating.

Of course if your symptoms persist then consult your doctor or mid-wife.

I have found that eating a natural yoghurt has worked a treat for me.

Any other cures please post!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

BLOG Baby Brain

I had the the biggest baby brain moment over the weekend!

I was with my Dad at the dog racing in Crayford.

I went up to the betting window to make a bet.

The lady behind the counter asked me if I was old enough to which I said..

“Yes I am 26 yrs old!”

Doh as soon as I said it I started to laugh.

“Ooops I said I really sorry I am not even 26 I am 28!”

At that the lady burst out laughing too as I explained and pointed to the bump that it must be the baby brain!


Any other Baby Brain stories please post!


Sally DIxey is a Crossfit London Coach