Blog 6th June – What on earth have I been up too??

After my final days of holiday in Italy where I eat ice-cream and pizza like it was going out of fashion. I came home with an awful virus!

I felt like death on a stick! My head hurt, my throat was raw and standing for too long made me come over all dizzy.

It was not fun at all. Worse of it was that I couldn’t take anything but paracetamol and get plenty of rest.

I stayed pretty much house bound for 3 whole days. I ventured out for a short journey to the doctor just to check everything was fine as since I was coughing and sneezing all over the place the baby was up to it’s own tricks, kicking me and moving almost without a break all day long.

Usually when I have a touch of flu I recover quite quickly and am back to normal functioning very quickly but this time, and I think due to the lack medication I was able to take, it was going to take it bit longer.

Not only was I worn out from pregnancy but run down also. There was no way I was going to rush back into training.

So what to do with myself??????????????

At 6 months pregnant I still have a mountain of things to prepare for.

First thing on my mind is all the stuff I seem to have accumulated over the years.

It’s all the papers and nick-nacks, old birthday cards and clutter that I just haven’t been able to throw out through fear of needing it at some point.

All of it had to go! In a small flat there is only so much space, baby’s for little people need a lot of it!

So I was brutal nothing was spared, probably delirium through sickness made me more ruthless but within no time the cupboards were bare.

On a roll I threw out the old spare bed and the desk and chairs, old newspapers (why had I kept them?), a broken mirror and old clothes, pillows past there use, the list is endless.

In no time 3 years worth of clutter and rubbish was gone!

I think the technical term for this is nesting.

Nesting is something which you can even see in pregnant female animals. It is a very strong and powerful instinct to prepare for you baby.

Basically by ensuring you have everything in place and organized you are giving your baby the best chance of survival.

I know your probably thinking how does this extend to clutter in a cupboard but in the modern world these are the things that will become important to clear out, freeing space and clearing out the old before welcoming the new.

The nesting hasn’t just been my task as Adrian has been in DIY mode fixing all the little bits and bobs round the flat that he has been putting off.

We still have a mountain of stuff to do but at least we have made a start!

Boy I didn’t realise how much effort new parents go to when they are expecting!

Only 14 weeks to go!

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