Blog A Happy Little Baby.

I have just come back from seeing the mid-wife.

I always find this a bit nerve racking to begin with because, and this isn’t the most up-beat confession but ever since Amanda Holden and then Kelly Brook losing there babies I have been so anxious to hear everything is alright.

I know this may seem silly as I can feel the baby moving all the time but I doesn’t beat hearing your baby’s heart beat.

I know some mothers have heart beat monitors at home which is an option but I don’t want to turn into the type of person who worries at every last thing. It’s probably just a bit normal to want to hear someone say everything is ok.

Anyways everything is ok and from what the mid-wife says the baby seems like a very happy baby.

And although I keep comparing my bump to others and thinking it is small It is actually measuring fine!

What a drama queen I can be!

Well now back to decorating the baby’s room and finishing up all those little jobs that need doing.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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