Blog – Nose Bleeds Yuck!

How many of you knew that nose bleeds was just another symptom of pregnancy?

I have noticed a little blood when blowing my nose but today I had a full on nose bleed!

Bit scary for a moment till I found out that it’s actually normal and happens because of hormonal changes effecting congestion of the nose, blood volume and flow.

How to stop a nose bleed?

Sit down and pinch the end of your nose.

Your head should be higher than your heart.

Don’t tilt your head back because you may end up swallowing blood. This might make you nauseated or sick to your stomach.

Keep your nose pinched, applying pressure for five to ten minutes. You want to hold the end of your nose long enough for the blood to clot and stop the flow of blood.

Applying ice may help too. Ice will help to constrict the blood vessels and should help stop the bleeding.

If you are still bleeding after ten minutes, continue applying pressure to the end of your nose. Make sure that you do not stop applying pressure to check the bleeding because this may allow the blood to start flowing again.

If your nose is still bleeding after 20 minutes or if you are having severe bleeding call your doctor.

To avoid nose bleeds try not to use drying nasal sprays.

Avoid smoke and heavy perfumes.

Keep yourself hydrated!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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