BLOG Sore Feet & Sun

Oh dear I only have a week till the 10k run!

I am sure I will be fine but boy will it be slow.

I am also thinking about my poor feet!

In recent weeks I have noticed my feet no matter what shoes I wear or what I do during the day, by the end of the day my feet are in bits!

This is quite common during pregnancy as water is sometimes retained around the joints making them swollen and painful. Added body weight can play it’s part to.

I don’t think I have ever gained this much weight so quickly and that can’t be good for the old feet!

The best thing to do if you are suffering to is to relive them with a nice massage from your partner or friend.

It wont cure the soreness but boy does it feel nice!

One last note to remember since the sun is out.

As a pregnant lady you are more sensitive to the effects of the sun! Make sure you use cream and cover up!!!!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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