Blog – Stretch Marks

Although I haven’t got any yet I am hoping to keep them at bay!

I had a trip to Boots where on offer was the complete Palmers Coco Butter range.

I bought there Skin Therapy Oil, which is not only great on your skin but works well in a bath too. And there specific stretch mark concentrated cream.

Only time will tell if they work and in the mean time I smell of Coco butter, mmmmmm lush.

If you know of any other stretch mark beating potions or your own experiences with stretch marks please share!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London coach.


3 thoughts on “Blog – Stretch Marks”

  1. Bio oil is also very good – and is good for after the birth for helping to fade exising (blah!) stretchmarks. Unfortunately there is no miracle prevention as it seems to be more to do with your skin type plus how much your skin has had to stretch. Even if you do end up with a few, they fade from a purpley colour to an almost invisible silvery colour within the year so it is not all bad. There is some amazing laser therapy that apparently helps to improve the appearance of them – that cheers me up no end!

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