WOD 20th June Training Solo

I used to find training alone quite therapeutic.

My music blasting out.

But these days its a task to gee myself up.

This morning was no exception, it never helps that it’s a Monday morning to boot!

Any-who it was Front squats for strength today.

In the cage I went and followed a few warm up sets with first just the bar and then 2 sets adding weight.

I used the ball again for my depth guide and found a few light stretches inbetween sets nice on the joints though not holding the stretch for longer then 8 seconds.

It can be bad for a pregnant womens joints and ligaments to over stretch!

The WOD I was programming for tonight at Crossfit London was of my own making.

I wanted to work to moves that worked on moves that were poles apart and as I hadn’t had a Push Press in a WOD for a while it was an obvious starting point.

I wanted a challenging weight for the rep range of the Push press so prescribed weight for men is 42Kg and Women 30Kg.

A move which I love for many reasons, one being the way it works your heart rate into a frenzy with a high rep range is the Clean.

So there you have the WOD

The Push press and hang power clean.

When I tested this out I completed it in 7 minutes 40 seconds

Not bad for over 6 months pregnant!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 18th June Jumping in with Colin

I had an early Pt client at Crossfit London this morning. It’s always a good way to start the day.

It was a beginner session, an introduction to the wonders of Crossfit.

I finished the session just as Colin was about to start setting up for his 10.30 class WOD. So what the hectic while I was there I may as well join in!

The WOD was a load of Sumo-deadlift High pulls. The prescribed weight was 30Kg and pre-pregnancy that was just what I would have done but looking around at the other girls set up which was 25Kg I thought I had better stay with the pack.

I am finding that now I need a bit of encouragement to lower the weight and slow down.

It’s the competitive streak in me!

The WOD comprised of 5 rounds of sumo-deadlift high pulls and Ring dips in the rep range of the 3 times table.

It went like this…..


I stormed through this WOD in 10 minutes and a few seconds.

I could have quite easily done heavier but that shall just have to wait another 12 or so weeks.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 17th June This is gonna hurt!

Woke up this morning feeling full of beans, arriving at the gym at 7.25am for my morning session. It was just me and Ben this morning.

Sometimes when I walk into the gym and see the 6.30 lot finishing up I know I am in for a shocker and today was just that day!

Steve had programmed a mean looking WOD that could scare the warts off a witch.

Firstly though we had a warm up of 15 squats, 10 push ups and 5 box jumps or step ups in my case.

Strength was a push press which I got to a respectable 40Kg, completing 3 working sets of 5,5,5+


Next was the WOD

Let me explain how it went.

First was the burpees 4 each minute on the minute.

In between that was….

20 Thrusters

20 Sumo-deadlifts high pulls

20 Push jerks

20 Overhead Squats

20 Front Squats

Remember your doing 4 burpees on the minute every minute no matter where you are in the WOD you have to put down the bar and hit the floor!

Of-course I did a scaled burpee which was a push up with a step up.

I found this brutal.

I am really noticing the effects of the pregnancy on my breathing. For anyone who has seen me training recently I sound like an over-weight smoker.

So even though the workout is scaled it is still equally as challenging for me.

Providing I don’t hyper-ventilate and take sufficient resting time I will be fine.

Steve gave this a 15 minute guillotine.

Ben used 35Kg while I used 25Kg

Ben came in at just under 15 minutes – hating on the overhead squats I might add.

While I pulled it out at just under 11 minutes hating everything but the overhead squats.

I would probably say that this week I have had 2 hard sessions this week, Tuesday and today. The rest of my sessions were paced slowly. I think this meant I had a bit more in the tank saved for today.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


WOD 16th June Deadlift Testing

This is only going to be a short session as I need to put tonights Crossfit London to practise.

Firstly some Front squats.

Something I haven’t done for a while is heavy squats of any kind.

For anyone who has seen me you will have noticed a larger bump which is now getting in the  way of my squat depth. Frustrating but it’s only for a few more weeks!

It also makes balance a bit more tricky as my centre of gravity is shifting almost daily so no sooner have I got used to it for it to change again!

I used the ball beneath me to help guide me to a reasonable depth and as I was alone I used the cage for safety.

Next I set up a heavy bar for deadlifts.

When I say heavy I am talking about taking my 5 rep weight and knocking a bit off.

So for me I set my bar up at 45Kg

I needed a blue box to step up on to and I was set.

25 Deadlifts

25 Step ups

3 Rounds

The point of this was endurance in an aim to improve and build muscle without having to lift very heavy and still get benefits.

This idea of high reps is kinder to the central nervous system, recover and fatigue.

For most of the rounds I was breaking it up into 10-12 reps, in the last round 6-8’s.

I found this a mentally challenging WOD as I am always used to working Deadlifts in sets of 5.

I am not saying I would like to do them in high reps all the time but once in a while to mess it up wont hurt.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


BLOG -A substantial Breakfast

My usual breakfast pre-pregnancy was always………

2 Toast with butter and marmite with 1 apple or banana.

6 Months into pregnancy and that just doesn’t make the grade anymore.

Breakfast has now become probably the biggest meal of the day.

Nothing less then beans, egg and bacon or toast, yoghurt and lots of fruit even tesco’s almond croissants are making it on the plate.

My appetite has grown to that of a horse!

If it means I have a cute squidgy baby it’s all in a good cause.


WOD 15th June Houston Test

Hitting my last trimester has brought with it unsettled sleep again.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to get comfortable and am also back to waking up frequently again!

I was tired this morning but was greeted by to visiting Crossfitters Kevin and Kerry from 847 in Chicago.

American Crossfitters are quite different from UK Crossfitter, in a word we are very english and they are very american if you get my drift.

So at 7.30am, feeling very tired it was a pleasure to have a very American session, lots of whoops and awesomes!

The session was kicked off with the Houston Kettlebell Test. A lovely combination of swings and goblet squats.

You start with 5 reps of each starting on the minute and adding a rep to each exercise every minute on the minute.

It starts off relatively harmlessly but ends quite brutally – till you can fit no more in to the minute and drop out.

For today though as this was just a warm up we worked up to 15 reps each, tough enough for a warm up.

I stuck with a 12Kg for this and instead of completing all the rounds I stopped at 12.

After yesterday I needed to take it easy.

Following our warm up a bit of olympic lifting was in order.

I let Kerry and Kevin get through the Snatches while I took a look at their technique and gave out a few pearls of wisdom.

Now my belly is significant I don’t feel comfortable Snatching.

I saved myself for a few good clean and jerks.

Me and Kerry shared a bar. She is one strong chick as we worked up to 45Kg.

The met con finisher was not something I enjoyed but in keeping with the idea crossfit is about pulling out any exercise and giving it your best, I took it at my own pace. But honestly it was brutal.

50 Man Makers or 10 minute cap, which ever comes first.

Kevin finished first at around 9 minutes Whoop.

Kerry Steamed through them……and I did as much as I could.

Man Makers are a push up with dumbells in your grip, a row in each arm followed by a burpee – clean and press finish.



Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 14th June With a little help from my friends!

After a couple of weeks covering Chris it was his first day back and thought I would head down to see how his holiday was.

It was also an excuse to get a bit of an butt kicking. I have noticed that with all my baby side effects I am finding it harder and harder to push myself but with a Coach there with a beady eye on me I couldn’t slack.

Chris had us doing Deadlifts for strength.

He got us paired up and working toward our 5 rep max. As we were only working toward one working set so we had to work hard at it.

Helen pushed me along and helped me reach 70Kg . Thanks Helen!

It works so much better when you have someone there to gee you along.

Not resting there, Chris helped me with some assisted chins. Boy  the heavier I get the harder it gets!

The WOD for today was a modified Badger (which is a particularly challenging WOD)

-Glad to wasn’t the full Badger!

Our modified version for today needed a bit more modifying for my needs and instead of running I did a row.

The WOD went like this-

15 Cleans 30Kg for Women

15 Pull ups

400m Row/Run

I used some bands for the pull ups but went for the full 30Kg on the cleans. In the picture above Chris took the photo just as I was dumping the bar.

I have gotta admit I had to have a sit down for 5 minutes at the end of this.

I can’t stress enough what a difference it makes to have someone push you. Chris thanks for kicking my butt.

WOD 13th June Manageable Angie.

Everything is getting a lot slower for me now.

I think I must have been kidding myself when I first fell pregnant. I have no real idea how exhausting it can get.

I am now entering my third trimester.

I haven’t enjoyed jogging at all and will find that my Race for Life in July will be a walk.

All the joints feel sluggish and my breathing has become more laboured.

Coughing, laughing and sneezing is a challenge which I wont describe, but anyone who has had a baby will understand what I am talking about.

All that considered I am really quite cuffed I have kept up some kind of routine with my training. I often wonder how a less fit individual manages day to day.

Anyways I am complaining more today because I was having a pretty tired morning and not very motivated to boot.

I had to practise the WOD for tonight just to see how it would play out.

Summing up all my energy I set up my work station.

Pull ups, push ups (on a box), squats, sub-ing sit ups for hanging baskets.

For each exercise 5 reps and a total of 20 rounds.

This is a modified Angie. You are still completing as many reps but due to the nature of the WOD it has a far more aerobic feel and instead of feeling like an impossible task like Angie sometimes can it actually feels do-able.

Considered this was body weight, completing it in 22minutes 30 I don’t think was too bad!


Sally Dixey is a  Crossfit London Coach

Blog A Happy Little Baby.

I have just come back from seeing the mid-wife.

I always find this a bit nerve racking to begin with because, and this isn’t the most up-beat confession but ever since Amanda Holden and then Kelly Brook losing there babies I have been so anxious to hear everything is alright.

I know this may seem silly as I can feel the baby moving all the time but I doesn’t beat hearing your baby’s heart beat.

I know some mothers have heart beat monitors at home which is an option but I don’t want to turn into the type of person who worries at every last thing. It’s probably just a bit normal to want to hear someone say everything is ok.

Anyways everything is ok and from what the mid-wife says the baby seems like a very happy baby.

And although I keep comparing my bump to others and thinking it is small It is actually measuring fine!

What a drama queen I can be!

Well now back to decorating the baby’s room and finishing up all those little jobs that need doing.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 9th June Trevor does……..

Still standing in for Chris this morning I was up early teaching the 7am lot at Crossfit London.

I was feeling a bit tired today after a string of early morning classes followed be trawling round Oxford Street looking for all the right bits for the baby. It’s been exhausting!

At 8am Trev, a Crossfit London trainee heading in to take over the teaching.

Trev is always so full of beans I thought I can’t not take part in his class, so I stayed.

Following my morning program Trev took me, Helen and Jan through a warm up of arm circles, squats and presses (using a light bar)

He then had us Push pressing for strength.

Using our routine of 5,5,5+ and instead of using a rack we cleaned the bar into position.

The WOD sounded mean but in actual fact was a nice grinder through some pull ups and push ups all very strict!

The format was a ladder.

10 Push ups -1 Pull up and so on till your doing 1 Push up and 10 Pull ups.

Like I said we kept it strict, chest to floor or in my case chest to box height and using little or no band support.

I am really not enjoying pull ups due to my increasing weight although Trev spurred me on, telling me how when he lost 3Kg his strict pull ups really improved!

Bring on September! Thanks for the encouragement Trev!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.