WOD 14th June With a little help from my friends!

After a couple of weeks covering Chris it was his first day back and thought I would head down to see how his holiday was.

It was also an excuse to get a bit of an butt kicking. I have noticed that with all my baby side effects I am finding it harder and harder to push myself but with a Coach there with a beady eye on me I couldn’t slack.

Chris had us doing Deadlifts for strength.

He got us paired up and working toward our 5 rep max. As we were only working toward one working set so we had to work hard at it.

Helen pushed me along and helped me reach 70Kg . Thanks Helen!

It works so much better when you have someone there to gee you along.

Not resting there, Chris helped me with some assisted chins. Boy  the heavier I get the harder it gets!

The WOD for today was a modified Badger (which is a particularly challenging WOD)

-Glad to wasn’t the full Badger!

Our modified version for today needed a bit more modifying for my needs and instead of running I did a row.

The WOD went like this-

15 Cleans 30Kg for Women

15 Pull ups

400m Row/Run

I used some bands for the pull ups but went for the full 30Kg on the cleans. In the picture above Chris took the photo just as I was dumping the bar.

I have gotta admit I had to have a sit down for 5 minutes at the end of this.

I can’t stress enough what a difference it makes to have someone push you. Chris thanks for kicking my butt.

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