WOD 15th June Houston Test

Hitting my last trimester has brought with it unsettled sleep again.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to get comfortable and am also back to waking up frequently again!

I was tired this morning but was greeted by to visiting Crossfitters Kevin and Kerry from 847 in Chicago.

American Crossfitters are quite different from UK Crossfitter, in a word we are very english and they are very american if you get my drift.

So at 7.30am, feeling very tired it was a pleasure to have a very American session, lots of whoops and awesomes!

The session was kicked off with the Houston Kettlebell Test. A lovely combination of swings and goblet squats.

You start with 5 reps of each starting on the minute and adding a rep to each exercise every minute on the minute.

It starts off relatively harmlessly but ends quite brutally – till you can fit no more in to the minute and drop out.

For today though as this was just a warm up we worked up to 15 reps each, tough enough for a warm up.

I stuck with a 12Kg for this and instead of completing all the rounds I stopped at 12.

After yesterday I needed to take it easy.

Following our warm up a bit of olympic lifting was in order.

I let Kerry and Kevin get through the Snatches while I took a look at their technique and gave out a few pearls of wisdom.

Now my belly is significant I don’t feel comfortable Snatching.

I saved myself for a few good clean and jerks.

Me and Kerry shared a bar. She is one strong chick as we worked up to 45Kg.

The met con finisher was not something I enjoyed but in keeping with the idea crossfit is about pulling out any exercise and giving it your best, I took it at my own pace. But honestly it was brutal.

50 Man Makers or 10 minute cap, which ever comes first.

Kevin finished first at around 9 minutes Whoop.

Kerry Steamed through them……and I did as much as I could.

Man Makers are a push up with dumbells in your grip, a row in each arm followed by a burpee – clean and press finish.



Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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